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TPA Kill


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In-Game Nickname: Faizenshi



Time and date: 4-5AM (Malaysia Time)    2 August 2021



Description of what happened: Last night around 4-5AM Malaysia Time. I do my job in raid world and make farm for everyone, so that everyone can take some crops and get some foods there. But then, theres this guy killing Fearless193 im not sure who is that guy who killing Fearless193. And Fearless say "Can i tp to someone?" and he spam me TPA accept/decline. And i accept. After i accept TP, he use Invinsible potion and kill me for no reason. i was holding my 100+ exp lvls and now its gone

I go and pick up my item and i lost few of my items, and which is my Bow and other stuff idk



Screenshots or Proof: (Use www.imgur.com)



List of eyewitnesses: None, Only myself







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to put my information and my name
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