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Tpa kill and item stolen


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My ign is WoonaSenpai


Time and date: 12:39 am CST



Description of what happened: 

I tp’ed to gamingwithkai_yt to give them a dragon egg and hung around a bit then we talk about our summons and what is good to use. After that Kai tricks me into thinking she can’t deal damage to me and one shots me with a dragon axe I think that’s the weapons name. Afterwards I tp back and see her picking up my loot but because I got their in time she starts giving me my useless loot back and most of my baubles except one and it is the dragon eye which took and extremely long time to get. So I tell her to give it back to me and she refuses saying it burned in a fire when there was no fire anywhere before or after I died. So I tell her she owes me a new one since she basically tricked me and made me lose something important. So I killed her to see if she had it on her (she agreed) but by that time she took all of her armor off and had nothing in her inventory. So after some going back and forward on how she should pay me back she offers me dragon scales to which I decline and ask for the dragon egg back (I gave it to her for free) and she responds by saying she won’t give it back because she’s collecting all the dragon eggs. (Wish was present after I died and came to watch just in case I needed help)

After refusing to give me the egg and refusing to make me a new one she clearly states that she has two extra dragon eyes and will sell me one for around 20,000 because she won’t “just give them away for free” then states that she owes me nothing for the stolen/burned so I go afk for a bit and see her attacking me trying to kill me. So I tp away and she starts to taunt me in about how I owe her nothing and I’m a hoe stuff like that. And then threatens to report me if I go back and kill her. So I leave it at that and make myself a new bauble with some scraps I had in my base. She still taunted me while I made the bauble. 



List of eyewitnesses: (They should also make a post below)


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