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Title: [Gorgon Head kill upon tpa and creative power abuse]


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Minecraft Username: Wish7

Time and Date:  AUG - 1

Description of what happened: (In chronological order):
                     Normally when im free i will check chat and tpa to people who needed help either to give food or to help them in their situation, but on this day i tpa to WoonaSenpaii because she called out for help, upon reaching the area, i see a group of people there playing around with stuff and i had no idea Shadow has paid premium for creative, and they was using full set gears on the 2nd day they were playing, i was being kind n friendly and stand beside to watch the situation, Shadow was on fairy mode fly towards me with a gorgon's head in his hand and used it on me, and i just asked for an apology, he mentioned he don't feel sorry for the thing that he did, i was kind enough to not to do any reports.

                   After the problem after that WoonaSenpaii did give back my gears, second problem continue on after i went back to my base to do my stuff, Woona requested to tp to my base, and i kindly accepted because Woona was friendly, not supprising shadow followed on and came in my base, he randomly summoned pixies and butterflies from creative in my base and checked my inv without my concent and even left his name tagged on some of the items and eqs in my base, i had no regards till now. 

                   He is very unfriendly aswell to my mates, because my one of my mate ahkent1125 went to warn him about the name tagging in our items, shadow deliberately had no regard to manners and scolded ahkent1125 cussing and stand his point as though he did not did anything wrong, and thus make the convosation go south where ahkent1125 is forced to cuss so that shadow can make a report in the forums about this in his favor.. This is just within my area of notice, i have no idea what other things that he has done in the game 

                  Reason i decide to reveal this situation is because of his actions to report ahkent1125 just for cussing and he did worse isn't fair at all, i have no intention of wrong doing anyone or point out their mistakes but he wants to play by rules now so be it.

Screenshots (Or anything else) of Proof: uG4xXKn.png
List of eyewitnesses : Faizenshi, ahkent1125, Lieww, WoonaSenpaii

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