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M22 item Refund


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ingame name : X_M22_X

items lost : 2 ichorium caps and 1 ichorcloth  strapped silverwood wand core

So 2 days ago i had an area in my base glitch out and caused some blocks like carpenters blocks to pop out , painted glowstone to show and cause you to disconnect from server , some machines to downgrade from resonant to basic and so on , it got fixed already. but i had a chest in that area that i just noticed it got its items deleted . to be honest i cant really remember what was in that chest , but i remember that i had a bag in it which had the items mentioned above which i got from the only mystic key i got till now from playing.  so when i noticed my items weren't there immediately came here to submit a refund ticket.  

thanks for your time.

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