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Summer in Network! 2021


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Welcome dear Crafters!! From the Network staff, we hope you had a good and happy sumer holidays, especially in this time of covid that we live. I come to announce some things that we have done or we are working into of these 3 last months! 



-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_NEW UPDATES IN NETWORK-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_


                        In  AssasinsCraft:

                                          -Added: Quarzt City .    
                                          -Added: Imperium City.
                                          -Added: A limited shield edition (Already finished)
                                          -Added: Some Special Items in the BM (Not yet)
                                          -Added: Stables and a Drop Parkour near the Spawn.

                                          -Fixed: Quartz City some parkours broken and new interactive items as a keys.

                                         -Incoming: New Main City? 
                                         -Incoming: New Spawn?


                       In PureSurvival:
-Added: The ParticlesPlugin for Sponsors instead of WE. (/pp)

                                   - 1 new Warp for: [Premium] and [Sponsor]

                                   -A New Market with a lot of features was added!! 

                                   -[Top Killer], monthly rank, incoming!!!!!!

                                        -I have redecorated the spawn insides!

                                   -Removed: WorldEdit: (https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/46243-command-requests-update/)

                                   -Fixed: 1 bug methop




We also prepared u guys a GIFT for u and hope u  enjoyed well the summer!
From the staff team, we give u as a present this
wallpaper of this New Updates!






-Greetings of the Builder Team-


All your possitive comments give me more encouragement to continue building! And to finish this I want to say....

                We need more builders in the Builder Team, would u want to apply?

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