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Lost everything


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Your Name: EliteGod25  
Item Name + Amount: full tide armor prot5, 

dragon eye bauble

Baloon bauble

resist bobble,

regen bobble,

fairy ring,

poisen resist bobble,

ice sword curse of possession super sharp 5, life steal 4, loot 3 ,Advanced mending 5

Red Fire Dragon stage 5 full iron armor male

Coordinates: x-3586  z-6219
Description of Issue: 

I was walking around and looked in chat and read ERUPTION EVENT RUN

so I ran home only to find my base in flames and my dragons in lava and all my chests melted.


so if you think this is unfair I would love to recieve a refund for my items and dragons specifically just my inventory and my dragon

Screenshots (Optional): 



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