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Item refund request


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Your Name: Flippensweet97
Item Name + ID + Amount: Listed Below 
(edited by ASOOD, pasted the text in the file) 


Tide gaurdian Armour (green) All with protection 5, advanced mending 5, the boot had feather falling 3, the chest and pants had ozzy liner plus burning thorns 3.

Diamond pickaxe called "fortuna" something the one that never breaks. has fortune 3, sharpness 5 , advanced efficiency 5, 

Dragon bone greatsword-fire- supreme sharpness 4, Reviled blade 4, Education 3, Lifesteal 4, Mending, Subject mathmatics 2, combat veterancy 2. (Legendary quality)

Baubles. Ring of faries (Legendary), Dragons eye (Legendary), Ring of regeneration (Legendary), cobalt shield, Gluttony pendant (Legendary), Ring of Resistance (Legendary) 2 Vitamens (Legendary)

Dragon Bone Strengthened Longbow (Legendary). Advanced Power v, Arrow Recovery 3, unbreaking 3, supreme flame, Strafe 4, Mending.

Misc items. Two Shulker Boxes, one totem of undying, 16 Battle Burritos, 64 thunder arrows.    

Base Coordinates: x:3398 z:5228 
Description of Issue:  Death by faulty dragon eye
Screenshots (Optional): 

items lost.txt

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