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Twilight Shop at Spawn (Skyfactory 4)


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So we all know that the twilight forest makes the server super laggy and restart 10 out of 10 times. Still people go there. Why? Most likely because they want a specific item.

In another post it said the place cant be locked/deactivated, I get that. But why not make a shop at spawn for people to buy the items they want instead of having to go to the forests!!!!!

For example, I desperately want the robust oak saplings from twilight (I want to build my island base in a giant tree), but I also don't want to cause the server to crash and make people mad at me for trying to find the saplings...

I think the shop at spawn is quite underdeveloped and the twilight addition would be VERY helpful! I think everyone would appreciate this :)

best wishes, 


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