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Kite_ender Refund Request


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Your Name: Kite_ender
Item Name + Amount: 

deep blue tide guardian helmet enchants advance protection 4 unbreaking 3 mending advance thorns 2

red Dragon scale chestplate enchants advance protection 4  advance thorns 2

red Dragon scale leggings enchants advance protection 4 

red Dragon scale boots enchants advance protection 4

Dragon's eye 

ring of fairys

ring of dwarfs

Potion Ring of regeneration 

Fire dragon bone saber Enchants advance sharpness 5 swifter slashes 5 lifesteal 4 subjectP.E 3 

fire dragon bone long sword enchants supreme sharpness 4 swifter slashes 2 lifesteal 4

Description of Issue: I did /home an I instantly died I didn't know why I did but all I did was /home and died


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