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SB2 Suggestions.


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Hello, i wanna come out and point some things that stoneblock 2 needs to have at this point, the modpack is more fun and better than any other modpack up on this community, but no fucks are given about it at all and it is sad, the zero interest from the staff and the manager thats most likely there just to be, and it makes it worse.

- The server needs a fresh WIPE, i doubt it has ever had one and it would help alot, since starting fresh will gather new players into the game.
Lets not forget about all of those lag machines up by purpose and the server crashing exploits that can also help you into duplicating items(I know whats causing the latest crashes and i can help fix them if the staff team wakes the hell up and start giving a crap about the servers that need the most).

- Need of a decent and capable managing team, ever since we never had someone with permissions high enough to help us fix issues we have been going thru, i waited myself almost 2 months to have a single stupid issue fixed and it still hasn't been done, why? Well i guess we will never know ever since tagging the manager won't do fk all.

And the list goes on... y'all need to start looking into the modpacks and actually care about them if u wanna earn money, it doesn't work the way you think it does.

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