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refund Items ( item instant despawn right after death)


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Your Name: DawnXD
Item Name + Amount:

Diamond Sword (1) (Looting X, Sharpness V, swifter slashes III)

Diamond Sword (1) (Looting X, Sharpness V) _

Dragon Eye (1) (quality: 3%resistence if i remember) Fairy Ring (1) (quality: 1/2 extra heart)

Ankh Charm (1) (quality i dont remeber probably not negetive/bad effects)_

Ballon (1) (quality: Don't remeber)

Sea Serpent Armour (colour: Blue) (full set= head, chest, leg, and boots) ( all have advance mending, unbreaking III. protection III)

Flamed Dragon Saber (1) ( Advance Mending, swifter slashes III, sharpness III, Education III, Don't remeber the rest)

Iced Dragon Halberd (1) (Advance Mending, swifter slashes III, sharpness III, Don't remeber the rest)

Flamed Dragonbone-Strenghtened LongBow (1) (Starfe III, Advance Power I, Don't remeber the rest)

Dragon Bone Pickaxe (1) (Advance Efficiency 1, unbreaking III, Don't remeber the rest)

Few Arrows (2 stack probably)
Coordinates: can't tp back second time
Description of Issue: I got killed by a sea serpent and I tried tp back with help but item instant despawn, Friends help search the area but could not find my items. Witness (if needed) : Faizenshi
Screenshots (Optional): None

Online Time: Around 3.00 P.M. to 3.00 A.M. (MYT, Malaysia Time Zone), can hit me up in Discord: -~𝐸 𝒟 𝐸 𝒩~-轩#6969

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