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Claim Rollback Request


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Server: Roguelike Adventure
Your Name:  Firehandler7937
Coordiantes: -1947, 74, -3464
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine):(5/9/2021) 2:45 UTC
Description of Issue: Apparently, there is a "Ticking Block Entity" at the coords listed, which is at my base. I can't go near my base now without my entire game crashing, so I need it rolled back to said time


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  • RLCraft Admin
57 minutes ago, Firehandler7937 said:

Still can't get on, not sure why

This is about the best way I can find to fix the block, not sure if it helps

crash-2021-09-20_12.18.17-client.txt 48.32 kB · 0 downloads

Claim Rolled Back to 5/9/2021.

I went to the location and seems like everything is fine now, can you confirm? 


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