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[GUIDE DDSS] Autocrafting 5x5 | 7x7 | 9x9 with Applied Energistics 2

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Small extended autocrafting guide 😉

To create recipes in autocrafting with the size 5x5, 7x7 or 9x9 you have to use the mods PackagedAuto and PackagedEXCrafting.



You will need the following to start: 1 Package Recipe Encoder, 2 Package Recipe Holders, 1 Packager, 1 Unpackager and depending on what you want to craft an Advanced, Elite or Ultimate Package Crafter.  Or a crate into which the items are exported to craft them manually (Draconic Evulution, Mage / Jeweler's Workchop or something else).


A Packager, Unpackager and Package Crafter make a crafting unit that can craft 20 different recipes of one type (Advanced/Elite/Ultimate). Per unit 2 channels to the ME controller are needed.



In the Package Recipe Encoder the recipes are created and stored in the Package Recipe Holder.

Set the Processing Mode to what you want to craft, for example Advanced.

Select what you want to craft with "Move Items". Make sure you don't have any exotic chests or chiseld items in the recipe.

Then save the Recept and put one Recipe Holder in the Packager and one in the Unpackager.





Now the item should be "orderable" in the ME. 



You will see the Carpenter and the Recipe Package in the ME. The Recipe Package is only important for crafting and not for ordering.

If you order the item you will get like in normal autocrafting displayed what is needed.



9x9 Extreme Crafting of Avaritia can only be automated via Refined Storage or via the detour if you unpack the items in a box and then manually craftet in the crafting table!


I hope it helps a little bit and is understandable 😉


In my base are currently the 320 of me most frequently used recipes automated.


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