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Killed While AFK In My Own Base

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I went AFK for just a couple hours in my base, believing that I was completely safe.  Much to my surprise and chagrin, I came back to "You died!" with a scenery that wasn't even my base.  My latest death shows that I was within "snietzl"'s base, just 1500 blocks away, though I have no idea how they could have gotten me into their base.  It's not like I can't get back what I lost with a little elbow grease, but the dragon armor and especially the time-in-a-bottle with almost 20 hours in it hit me especially hard.  I looked at the rules, and while they don't explicitly say that one can't find and kill other players, is this really allowed?

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Hello and apologies for the late reply! I've went ahead and added a new set of dragon armor and the 18h | 55m | 5s time in a bottle to your inventory, however I couldn't find the dragon armor that was lost anywhere near or in snietzl's area so I'm unsure what exactly happened with it.

I currently have no way of knowing what happened to make you appear on snietzl's base, so it will remain unpunished

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