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Never able to reload worlds

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I am able to load new worlds perfectly fine with no lag or stutters. Then when closing the world and reloading it always freezes and says not responding. My ram is set at 4g and I'm sure it's not the issue. I've tried making a backup of my world then deleting rlcraft and reinstalling it and still doesn't work. Any help is appreciated because I love this mod for the short bursts I get to play. 

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I reinstalled minecraft and rl craft as well as changing my ram to 10gb. Still I can only play new worlds and still cannot reload my saves. Such a weird glitch and it happens with every modpack I download in the same exact manner, in that I can't reload worlds. It seems that I can reopen worlds as long as I don't close the original launcher but if I close the launcher and open it again I can't reload it then. 

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On 1/26/2023 at 9:40 AM, McDonaldsSalad said:

Having only 4GB of RAM for modded Minecraft is not recommended, you need at least 6 or 8. You can check your ram usage with F3 and see if it fills up.

Ok thanks. I will buy 8GB RAM. If you are a  high school student looking for the best essay examples online, you should go to https://letsgradeit.com/review/bestessays/ You will discover a large selection of free essay writing services on many topics. These might be helpful in completing your essay tasks easily.

Ok thanks. I will buy 8GB RAM.

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