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Slime madness


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I noticed that in my Mob farm using dreadful dirt, when a slime spawns (big or medium) and they get killed, they can spawn more big, medium and small slimes, making that a endless rodeo of killing slimes, hoping they dont spawn more and more and more of them. This comes from the mod Champions. 


And if thats not bad enough those mobs can be empowered too. If possible disable slime splits of normal and magma slimes or disable the mobs somehow.

Server: Stoneblock3


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Are you sure you arent confusing yourself with vanilla Minecraft mechanics?

Vanilla Minecraft slimes work like this -> A big slime spawns and you kill it -> it will then spawn 3-4 medium slimes and when you kill them -> it will then spawn 3-4 small slimes from each of the medium ones.

Only the small slimes drop items and therefor you need to keep on killing them until they're all gone. This has nothing to do with the champions mod as the affixes mobs gain from that mod is for example:
Adaptable - Champion will take less and less damage from the same consecutive damage type
Arctic - Continuously fires homing projectiles that will slow anyone they hit
Dampening - Reduces the damage of indirect attacks
Desecrating - Periodically spawns a cloud of harming underneath its target
Enkindling - Continuously fires homing projectiles that will damage and burn anyone they hit.

Those are just 5 different affixes as an example and as far as i can see.. There isnt a single affix that makes champion affixes spawn more mobs.

Are you sure you dont just need to either upgrade your current setup so it kills faster? Or maybe change the way you kill mobs to a completely different strategy?

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