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[Suggestion]Factions Survival Wipe


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Factions started to lose some players, Everytime i join , i see the server empty or with 3-4 players. I think that we lost players because of the 127 enchanted items, So it will be a good think that sponsors and premium+ don't have creative anymore, They already have /fly and /i. 

I suggest a wipe is needed, if not map wipe , items wipe. 

http://imgur.com/V4jhMna -this was taken in the weekend at 7 PM 

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Well, when I logged on my account today, I could notice a very big difference since I logged in last time (aprox. half a year ago). There are very few players and you can't do anything, just crafting and building. All the map seemed to be griefed, even my faction, I don't understand why and who did this, but anyways I am looking forward to see a server wipe soon.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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