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Pure Survival Random Spawn


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Hello. The 'Random' spawn system on pure survival literally only has like 10 locations...It either teleports you to extreme hills, taiga, forest, and now and again a desert or a river. I've been looking for a jungle for literally days. I think I've spent like 4-5 hours(with my girlfriend) trying to find a jungle, and we've found nothing.


All I'm saying is it could use some randomisation. Thank you :)

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There is no jungle on the server (you can check by yourselft on the dynamic map http://ftb.craftersland.net:25571/%C2'> but you can buy jungle sapling from spawn. About the random spawn places....in some of theme some players made houses with prots and when you click the random spawn sign it won't teleport you and will leave you the impression that you miss clicked the sign....

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There's a plugin on the server called McMMO.


McMMO is an open source plugin for the Minecraft multiplayer server mod for http://www.spigotmc.org/resources/mcmmo.2445 and Bukkit(Note Bukkit no longer supports new verisons of the McMMO plugin) that is currently under development by SirDerpyCraft. This plugin allows for an RPG-like experience to exist in the world of Minecraft complete with pointers, normal powers, dog food parties, PvP (Player vs Player) and more!

It has got a skill called Taming.


Taming is a skill in McMMO. As your level increases, your wolves will get abilities that increase damage, defense and other things.

The Taming skill has an ability named 'Call of the Wild'.


Summons an animal to your side.

Mobs summoned with "Call of the Wild" will be named in accordance to your in game name. For example, if your name in minecraft was "Steve" then your wolf will be named "Steve's wolf."

Summoning animals does not grant Exp in the taming skill, as opposed to taming the animals yourself

Call of the Wild does not work if you or anyone else has an existing wolf within 40 blocks of you (can be changed in config).

This skill is one of the most useful in PVP. By bringing a stack of bones, you can easily summon wolves when in the middle of battle, as opposed to having one wolf trail you wherever you go.

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