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  1. IGN: MrMagnificentFTW You know what that permissions are for... And i had global rank vip and space factions premium+ (if that server still is there... if it's not,just transfer it to survival or skyblock) I also want a message with the login password from an admin,if possible,because i forgot it. Sorry for being this straight forward,but i posted this topic another time,but with the permissions,powerwarp saw it and he said to wait for bruni to give me the permissions,but he didn't see that post.After that server changed and yea...
  2. Bug

    btw,when you give me the permissions,can you please reset my password? i forgot it
  3. well... what will you add us? if so,i think even kits are "illegal" for the new EULA did you think of something?
  4. Bug

    man,i don't rly care that much for vip rank on hub,i just want at least to have access to compass....
  5. Oh,you can make us lose hunger harder and make xp faster.I'll be ok with that
  6. Bug

    Oh,and i also don't have the vip rank on hub server
  7. So will you add fly to us?
  8. Fly and invsee,not only fly,and if you think fly is too unballanced,than pls add invsee access
  9. I didn't want creative...I want just to have access to fly.Creative is too unballanced.Fly seems ok
  10. Bug
  11. For example make our hunger bar drain harder,add a kit for this rank or any rank,things like that
  12. Just belive me,no one will ever buy p+ on space factions.If he wants the p+ things he'll buy sponsor and it'll be even better,because the only way you'll buy that is to be a very rich guy (and don't know what to do with the money) .
  13. Sorry for starting this topic,but i want you to think a bit. I got p+ on factions (old one) and there we had access to gm 1 and fly. Now the p+ was moved on space factions. If you have premium,and you buy p+ what do you get?? 1 more sethome,rly? At least add us fly or something like that...just think a bit,who will give 5 more $ for a sethome? Just add something that matters for p+ and make it worth it. In the past it was $30 and you had access to /firework,gm 1,fly and other things.That wasn't ballanced at all. and in the past if my memory is good,normal premium had access to fly. Now p+ is exactly p rank,who will use 4 sethomes?Let's get serious...Just add something worthy to p+,anything. And staff,please...p+ has access to change nick as the other ranks,ok?? Please change the name in chat too....When i change my nick it's seen only in tab,the guys that tpa to me and in /list . In chat i'm still MrMagnificentFTW
  14. Bug

    When i right click the compass or enchanted bug (hub) it says: "you don't have permission" "you don't have permission"
  15. Oh,btw,i also lost the rank on each server,except AssassinS v1