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  • Community Updates! Spring Event, Monthly Rewards, Maintenance

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    Spring is here! We have new Lobby theme and a small event on the Network lobby so hurry up collect all rewards.

    The vote rewards are 4x until the end of this weekend on Tekkit, FTB and Network Servers.

    We also performed the regular monthly maintenance that includes: pvp stats reset, log cleanup, small updates and fixes on all our servers!

    And about skyblock update, we will try to get it done this weekend!



    • update to latest version v3.4.6


    • maintenance
    • update to v1.2.7b


    • maintenance

    Network Servers:

    • new lobby theme
    • lobby fixes and updates for less lag
    • spring event
    • pvp stats reset on all servers
    • maintenance on all servers and small plugin updates

    PlayUS Servers:

    • new lobby theme

    Monthly rewards!

    Network Survival Games:

    1st place: vdbman - 30 days Premium Membership on SG

    2nd place: BurnedSoul12 - 30 days VIP Membership on SG

    3rd place: MURATGULTEN - 64 emeralds on SG

    4th place: Dushmursts - 32 emeralds on SG

    Network AssassinS v1:

    1st place: SahucPro - 30 days Premium Membership on AssassinS

    2nd place: Dan_Drako - 30 days VIP Membership on AssassinS

    3rd place: P4ul - 8 Gold Ingots on AssassinS

    4th place: creepakingo - 4 Gold Ingots on AssassinS

    Network Pure Survival:

    1st place: McSkyz - 30 days Premium Membership on Pure

    2nd place: fantasmafcp - 30 days VIP Membership on Pure

    3rd place: Slumzy - 16 emeralds on Pure

    4rd place: b00mer123 - 8 emeraldsd on Pure

    So we had more rewards this month, and we promise for more next month!





    Have Fun on CraftersLand

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