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  • Craftersland Monthly Rewards And Updates!

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    It May, this month we do not have any major events, but we will look to get you a surprise one:P.

    We had a busy last 2 weeks, because of 1.7.5, 1.7.8 and 1.7.9 updates and we also had a lot of work to merge the premium cluster with the network servers! So we don't have the new factions server done, and now we wait for a factions update for 1.7.9.

    Planned for this month we have the Factions Survival Server Update, the server is 70% done so after the factions for 1.7.9 comes out we should be ready to open the new server.

    Updates log:

    There ale lots of changes but let's post the most important ones.

    • monthly maintenance completed on all network servers.
    • more updates for 1.7.9 version
    • all PvP scores reseted
    • fixed some problems displaying the scoreboard on assassins and pure survival.
    • regenerated the dynamic map on pure survival
    • opened a new server on SkyFactory Modpack (more details about this later in a new post)
    • small re-decorations on our network lobby
    • more updates to fix npcs on skyblock server
    • other updates and fixes

    Monthly Rewards Time!

    Survival Games

    • 1st place: swenpolly - 30 days Premium Membership on SG
    • 2nd place: NaziSoldier - 30 days VIP Membership on SG
    • 3rd place: Filexer - 64 emeralds on SG
    • 4th place: Doro012Tea - 32 emeralds on SG

    AssassinS v1

    • 1st place: Hikusty - 30 days Premium Membership on AssassinS
    • 2nd place: SahucPro - 30 days VIP Membership on AssassinS
    • 3rd place: i_Waffle_i - 8 Gold Ingots on AssassinS
    • 4th place: F1R3Sea - 4 Gold Ingots on AssassinS

    Pure Survival

    • 1st place: koner - 30 days Premium Membership on Pure
    • 2nd place: fantasmafcp - 30 days VIP Membership on Pure
    • 3rd place: McSkyz - 16 emeralds on Pure
    • 4rd place: DarkTheDragon - 8 emeralds on Pure


    • 1st place: bogdan58959 - 30 days Premium Membership on SkyBlock
    • 2nd place: Slayerke007 - 30 days VIP Membership on SkyBlock
    • 3rd place: 007jack007 - 32 emeralds on SkyBlock
    • 4rd place: zeromy12 - 16 emeralds on SkyBlock



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