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  • Ftb Direwolf20 Server Updates

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    Our updates to FTB Direwolf20 get close to an end for now. Server had a full wipe and a lot of new stuff added and as well fixes and tweaks.


    • Server WIPE and new Map Seed.
    • Added Clans
    • Added rewards
    • Added Crates
    • Re-viewed all donation packages and added few new ones.
    • Added Vote Party
    • Re-tested all items on protection and updated the restricted items list
    • New custom login system that will no longer conflict with fake players
    • Various mods patches to fix some server crashes
    • Better java instructions for a more stable TPS
    • Increased RAM memory allocation
    • And other small optimizations.

    Few small improvements will take place the next days but the server update is mainly complete!

    Thank you to all staff members that helped out testing and fixing.


    Modded madness!


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    NFL Wild Card playoff betting odds and lines and over


    The 2015 NFL regular season is over and it's on to the Wild Card playoff round in 2016. Here is a list of the betting odds and lines plus the over/unders for the four NFL Wild Card playoff games taking this week on Saturday, January 9 and Sunday January 10 in 2016.


    In the betting odds this week, three out of the four road teams are favored to win. The one road team not favored to win is Green Bay and the Packers have one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL in Aaron Rodgers.


    The Kansas City Chiefs went 11 5 this season and they have won 10 games in a row and they are favored by 3 points in the betting odds to beat the Houston Texans on the road. The Chiefs beat the Texans 27 20 in the first game of the season. As a bettor you always have to worry about a team with a long win streak because sooner or later that team will have a bad game and lose but because of the win streak the team will almost always be favored to win.


    Brian Hoyer is making his playoff debut for the Texans. He does have a winning 15 11 record as a NFL starter and that includes starting 16 games for the Cleveland Browns. Alex Smith has a solid 68 52 1 record as a NFL starter but in three playoff games he's only 1 2 and he lost his only playoff start with the Chiefs back in 2013.


    Pittsburgh Steelers 2.5 at Cincinnati Bengals (O/U is 46)


    The Pittsburgh Steelers are the Wildcard team here but they are still favored by 2.5 points in the betting odds to beat the Bengals who won the AFC Central this season. McCarron will make the start for the Bengals because Andy Dalton's thumb has not healed enough yet. McCarron has not played badly over his first Cheap authentic jerseys three NFL starts leading the team to a 2 1 record while completing 66.4% of his passes and throwing six TDs vs two interceptions.


    But McCarron is making his NFL playoff debut here against Ben Roethlisberger who has started 15 playoff games and is 10 5 in those games including winning two Super Bowls. Roethlisberger has lost his last two playoff starts, though, in 2011 and 2014, and he's thrown 21 TDs in the playoffs vs 19 interceptions. Numbers that are much worse than his regular season stats.


    Seattle Seahawks 6.5 at Minnesota Vikings (O/U is 41)


    After a rough start to the season the Seattle Seahawks are now peaking at the right time. They have won eight of their last 10 games and the Seahawks are favored as the Wildcard team here by Nfl jerseys wholesale a big 6.5 points playing on the road vs the NFC North champion Minnesota Vikings.


    Russell Wilson is 6 2 as a starter in eight NFL playoff games including two starts in Super Bowls. Wilson did get the Seahawks to the Super Bowl last year but he did not play great in the playoffs completing just 56.9% of his passes and throwing six TDs vs five interceptions. Teddy Bridgewater is making his playoff debut. He's 17 11 so far in the NFL Nike shoes outlet as a starting QB.


    Green Bay Packers +1 at Washington Redskins (O/U is 45)


    Even though Aaron Rodgers is their QB the Green Bay Packers are a one point underdog in the betting odds this week playing on the road vs the Washington Redskins. For his career, Aaron Rodgers is 6 5 in the playoffs with one Super Bowl win. Rodgers actually has a higher completion percentage in the playoffs Authentic nfl jerseys than the regular season (65.4% vs 65.1%).


    Kirk Cousins is making his playoff debut here. Cousins guided the Redskins to a 9 7 season this year which improved his lifetime mark as a NFL starting QB to 11 14. To bet this game you really have to decide which QB you prefer, Aaron Rodgers or Kirk Cousins

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    Socorro High baseball star signs with EPCC


    Ex Tejano has not answered because he knows he has very little chance of backing up his claim. I've been a coach in the area for more than a few years and I have seen more than a few excellent athletes get ignored by D1 schools (and some of those actually had the grades to earn a scholarship). It goes beyond just baseball. How many El Paso athletes in any sport received D1 scholarships this year? The El Paso area has over 30 high schools, accounting for about 10,000 graduating seniors each year and you mean to tell me that with those numbers the city cannot consistently produce one D1 talent in any sport! You need to remember that in some sports like tennis, baseball, soccer, wrestling, and especially swimming we are state powers. So why the poor performance in earning scholarships? As a teacher, I admit that academics is the bane of some of these kids, but that does not explain others. It seems that the only time an El Paso kid recieves a scholarship from a D1 school is when they are exceptionally good like Omar Quintanilla who was essentially the best player on the UT baseball team a few years back. ElPasoProud is asking a legitimate question.


    I appreciate that Just a Thought and yes you are so correct, the same goes for many other high school sports throughout El Paso.


    Take high school football for example. This past season there were a handful, about 8 to 10 of the most talented local football players who possessed the talent to go DI but did not. These 8 football players ended up WALKING ON to UTEP. That adds to the bad reputation that El Paso high school athletics gets from many throughout the State of Texas and country, where even the local University did not even offer atleast 1 of those 8 talented football players a full ride. When out of town Universities see Utep's action towards their locals how will they view our local athletes? That there is no talent here? That local athletes are dumb and rather decide to stay home and walk on to Utep? What image is it creating? I don't know what image but I know it's not a positive image that's for sure.


    I am not coming here acting as if I have the answers or the solution to fix it all. I am simply asking for the facts and statistics so that parents and their talented athletes can see the problem that exist here in El Paso through a clearer lens which in turn could lead them in the right direction or steps towards a better resolution.


    Over the years way too much local athletic talent has gone to waste and the bad reputation about our local high school athletes continues to increase.


    Time to come together to solve this problem. It all starts with the facts and statistics. If anyone has them please post them so that we can start from there.


    joe wrote:


    utep should make a baseball team to give those good baseball players a chance to play divison 1 on still get that chance to stay in their hometown and plus theres alot of baseball talent in el paso juarez nd chihuahua and i can bet you that utep cuold be 1 of the top rank baseball team in the country because in el paso community college theres no chance to go to the next level.


    We tried it once already and they really wouldn't recruit El Paso Kids, they had to walk on. Plus UTEP can't be trusted, look all the great track kids here but they go to Kenya to recruit. Look in Football they signed Bump Phillips kid to a full ride for 5 years and he wasn't worth a when he finally played his last year They could have gave any kid in El Paso for 5 years and he could have done better than that kid, UTEP can't be trusted to recruit El Paso Kids plus they will cry about money like always. No find other ways to get your kids to D 1, I'll tell you what, the best way is to make sure your kids have good grades then get a full academic scholarship and walk on at the school of their choice.


    If UTEP truly and seriously cares about the city of El Paso and its local high school athletes, say for example in the sport of football, they can offer ATLEAST partial scholarships to 10 locals from out of just 1 full scholarship.


    Seriously how many high school football players that Utep recruited from out of town have screwed up royally their full ride by failing to produce results for the team or dropping out? Cheap coach purses Way to many I'm sure! Anyone has the statistic, please share.


    If UTEP truly and seriously believes in their YES WE CAN campaign for El Paso and their University then YES THEY CAN believe in our local talented high school football players by atleast offering them partial scholarships by using 1 of their full scholarships.


    This year UTEP offered like 8 to 10 local talented El Paso high school football athletes preferred walk on "OPPORTUNITIES". Sure UTEP wants to save the scholarships for out of town athletes and get locals to walk on with them getting financial aid or some form of Pell grant. That I see as an insult not an opportunity. How Authentic nfl jerseys can it be an opportunity if you hardly get any serious practice time or reps during practice? Anyone have statistics of locals walking on to UTEP as a preferred walk on then later dropping out of the team for whatever the reason. This statistic would help as well.


    FACT: Division I University football coaches have the power or ability to split up scholarships. So if UTEP was to use 1 scholarship and split it up between 10 local El Paso Jerseys from china high school football athletes they can by rule and within their power to do so!!! We would then have 10 local El Paso high school football athletes receiving partial scholarships at UTEP every single year. That would help the local athletes financial need and the bad reputation about El Paso's high school athletics as well as Utep's immensely.


    1 full scholarship split up to 10 local El Paso high school football athletes. UTEP giving out partial scholarships I believe would be a great start.


    If you do not like my idea don't bash it and insult me but rather post your own idea or solution and we'll see where we'll go from there.


    TRUE: While recruiting companies have been around a long time, there has been a surge in the number of companies attempting to promote athletes over the Internet claiming that if you put an online profile of yourself on their system, coaches will find you. While there are rare cases of this happening, the research we have done and the feedback Authentic nfl jerseys we have received on these services is very poor. If you have good grades and good SAT scores but maybe failed english your freshman, you may be in trouble. Read the letter and respond to it, whether you are interested in the school or not

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    Toronto Raptors beat Orlando Magic in London


    A Z Sports American Football Wholesale jerseys china Athletics Basketball Boxing Cricket Cycling Darts Disability Sport Equestrian Football Formula 1 Gaelic Games Golf Gymnastics Horse Discount mlb jerseys Racing Motorsport Olympic Sports Rugby League Rugby Union Snooker Swimming Tennis Winter Sports Full Sports A Z


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    Basketball Fixtures Results Tables


    Fixtures Results TablesNBA: 


    The Toronto Raptors beat Orlando Magic 106 103 in overtime at London's O2 Arena thanks to 24 points from Kyle Lowry and 13 from DeMar DeRozan as the Raptors record their fourth straight win in the NBA.


    READ MORE: GB chief wants Deng talk on return.


    Available to UK users only.


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    Chinese businessman agrees 60m Villa takeover 18 May From the section Football


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    Magic must 'make a stand' in London 14 Jan From the section Basketball Read more on Orlando Magic must 'make a stand' against Toronto in London NBA tie.
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