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  • Tekkit Server Mega Update V1.2.6|Us Host|New Spawn|New Protection|

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    Tekkit v1.2.6 on Minecraft 1.6.4 came out last week and i think after a lot of testing and configuration we can finally tell you what we did and whats going on with our tekkit server because the server was built from scratch so there are notable changes.

    The tekkit staff did not make a change log on this update but here are some changes:

    Mods Removed: Simple Power Storage, an Obsidian Plate and Custom Lan Ports.

    Mods Added: Project Red, Big Reactors, Carpenter's Blocks, Waila, Vending Block, Extra Utilities, Redstone In Motion and Wireless Redstone CBE (among others).

    More details on Tekki Website

    Now about our server we got new spawn, new host, new shopping system, new vote system and much more... The tekkit modpack update required a full server wipe and rebuild so this way we could change and fix lots of problems that the old server had.

    Tekkit Server Changes vs old server:

    • Full Server Wipe
    • New Server Configuration (Mods,Plugins)
    • New and better Server Host located in USA
    • New shops using new currency
    • New vote rewards
    • New Spawn
    • Broker replaced by Player Traders
    • Less banned items
    • New better land protection with MyTown mod - create towns and nations
    • Turtles, quarries and more are safe to use
    • Grief reduced to minimum
    • The server is located on a ram disk entirely to reduce lag to minimum
    • Changes to VIP Ranks and perks
    • Added more server slots
    • lots of fixes and improvments

    Donation Shop Changes:

    • New Tekkit Ranks/Memberships packs
    • New Tekkit Kits/Upgrades packs
    • Changes to Money and Name Tag packs

    Restricted Items: Click Here

    New Land Protection: Click Here

    Donation Shop: Click Here

    So come and check out the new server, start building and fly to the Moon, Mars and beyond!



    Join us now! Let's explore the outer space!


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