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  • World Automation - Server Updated To Version V1.9.5-3

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    Today we updated the World Automation server to modpack version 1.9.5-3.

    Some of the changes are:

    • Resolved 2 duplication bugs
    • Updates to 9 mods, no significant changes in any of the updated mods (Big Reactors, BuildCraft, CoroUtil, DecoCraft, Ender Core, IndustrialCraft2, Logistics Pipes, Storage Drawers)
    • Tinker's Construct Lumber Axe no longer interacts with the Treecapitator mod. Thanks to CL staff member Elmazz for reporting
    • Added recipe for Steam Consumer that was previously missing. Thanks to Discord user Tisesme for reporting
    • Fixed Extra Utilties portals (like the Deep Dark). Thanks to CL community members Monocrame and ImALolNoob for originally reporting
    • Disabled some nether ores that were unused in the pack. Thanks to CL community member Existency and others for reporting
    • Added preliminary support for fixing block harvest levels (for example, 2 different types of copper requiring 2 different picks). Expect harvest levels to be fixed in the next release
    • Removed Mystcraft due to licensing issues, and replaced with RFTools
    • Removed LegacyJavaFixer as it's no longer needed with recent versions of Forge. Also removed RecipeRemover as it was no longer being utilized
    • Fastcraft (a client only mod) has been updated to the latest version

    For those who use MultiMC or another launcher, copy over the "mods" and "config" folder to update your client.

    The change log which goes over the exact changes with this update is included in the zip file for the server. Download it and you'll see the change log within the zip file. As always let me know if you have any questions or problems with this release. Please update as soon as you have the time, the update has already been released on the Technic launcher.

    Thanks rmt for this update! :P

    Explore the space and build machines!


    Space Age Machines. A mechanic dream!

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