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  1. Direwolf20 crash land

    Download mine chat, go to the server, type /spawn then log in..Minechat is a mobile app
  2. Rank Problem

    I’m a sponsor, can I get my forum rank...idk where I should post this. Here is my proof of rank: https://m.imgur.com/gallery/6wns5
  3. Who's #1? Me!

    #14 ,-,
  4. Someone griefed the spawn at skyfactory, me and lukasbuta555 cleaned up most of the ice when it melted with buckets. I recommend you ban every witchery potion that allows you to edit terrain - brew of frost, brew of erosion, brew of webs, etc. This is a picture of the spawn after me and Lukas cleaned up all the melted ice, almost the whole inside of the spawn building was covered in water and ice. http://imgur.com/gallery/6wns5
  5. I Think Someone Is Trying To Get Me Banned

    honestly, who cares what the block was that I spawned in, I told you repeatedly to delete the item, not doing so will get you in trouble and not me
  6. I Think Someone Is Trying To Get Me Banned

    sry, but glad to know he working on it
  7. I Think Someone Is Trying To Get Me Banned

    I don't know, someone needs to fix the nei thing, it will say you spawn in things but still lets people pick them up
  8. In-Game Nickname: DeadLeadHeadFred Time and date: This happened from 3:55- 4:30 I would say is when I started building and when he logged off (this may not be completely accurate, but I can only assume because I have spent at least 25 minutes writing the description of what happened) Description of what happened: 1. DeadLeadHeadFred asked me to help him prank his friend by making some green hair for a clown face. 2. I spawned in some quartz pillars by mistake. 3. We finished most of it. 4. We went inside the head to stop for a couple minutes. 5. I went into creative mode to delete all the items I didn't need 6. I dropped the quartz pillars without noticing, I thought I put them in the red X slot of your inventory in creative mode which deleted items. 7. He kept saying I used creative mode for everything so I vein mined the hair I had made by myself *This may be seen as griefing but I only vein mined the hair, which is the only thing I had made, nothing that he had made* 8. He got mad and then he saw the pillars in his inventory that I had dropped by mistake earlier. 9. He said in chat that I had spawned in items and given them to him and that he could prove it. 10. Someone teleported in and he tosses the person one of the quartz pillars, since I was in creative mode when I tried to delete them, it said *Spawned In By IceGodzFacFTW* so he got the person on his side and they both started going off on how I could get banned because this was breaking the rules. 11. I explained ​Multiple Times ​that I had accidentally dropped them earlier and they both wouldn't stop.​ ​12. I told DeadLeadHeadFred to delete the items because I didn't mean to toss them out. 13. He said that he wouldn't because it was against the rules to give players "gifts" that were spawned in. 14. I explained that It wasn't breaking the rules as I didn't mean to drop them to him and I had told him to delete them repeatedly. 15. He didn't listen, logged off with the items. Screenshots or Proof: I Didn't Know I Would Need A Screenshot ​ List of eyewitnesses: Me, (IceGodzFacFTW) (_Icy_) DeadLeadHeadFred (The Guy He Tp'd to him to toss the block to without telling him what had happened was branty_boy)
  9. Hello, i made a very large shield projector, tier 4 in the millenium, when i activated it, I got kicked. Now, i see alot of people saying that they get kicked when they go there as well. I asked them what the popup msg was when they got kicked, it was the same as right when I activated the shield projector. I think you should wipe the last millenium dimension, if there is a much easier way to do it, like deleting only tier 4 shield projectors or shield boundaries *don't know what they are called, forgot* then please do it. P.S. This was not just my idea to build this projector, it was lukasbuta555, and eytixis and pocoyozinho's *do /baltop* idea, we were all involved in this if you have any questions. Thank You - ​_​Ice​_ ​
  10. I can /spawn from pickaxechat without bein logged in?
  11. quote me and tell me when u r online and can /tpohere for me to get out, until then I have to play something else
  12. it happened again!!!!!! accidentally went to wrong /home plz help
  13. please spam /tphere or /tpohere IceGodzFacFTW *Whatever The Tp To U Command Is.

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