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  1. The game glitched a couple days ago, and was kicking me as soon as i spawned in saying the server was restarting. when i finally got back in, one of my jabba barrels had transformed into a block of bedrock. I would like to request this bedrock block be removed please. rough location is x:627 Z:-1924 Y:11(ish) Thank you
  2. In-game Name: Shadowdragonne Package: Premium Server: DW20 1.7.10 Portions of rank seem to be working, others seem not to be, specifically character is losing xp upon death, according to rank should not be. Thank you
  3. Still losing xp upon character death, have payed for premium rank, shouldn't be losing xp upon death as per the description of Premium rank. Please advise. Thank you
  4. Okay, this is in fact the issue - some of the weak blood shards came up with the odd # - 4704:7 making them useless for crafting. i have been getting several items that when crafted have a :# at the end and none of them are usable for crafting, in any way. I had a vanilla crafting table have this issue, i had made it from hopseed planks but it should have just been the vanilla table, it looked like it but it has the wrong number. had to craft one from oak to get a working crafting table. thank you
  5. the weak blood shard metadata/item number should be 4704, but is 4704:7 in my inventory. could this be the issue?
  6. The large bloodstone brick is uncraftable (1 weak blood shard+1 stone = 32 large bloodstone bricks) with weak blood shards where the item number messed up (4707:7 instead of 4707) making the tier 4 blood alter impossible to make. this is a new issue, as I have been able to make up to tier 5 blood altars until this iteration of the dw20 1.7.10 server.
  7. I have lost a few hundred xp levels due to death after having purchased premium rank. Is this perk no longer applicable for premium ranks and above? if this is the case, then it should be removed from the list of perks for buying ranks. If this is not the case, then something is broken. not requesting any xp refund, just wanted to bring it to your notice there is an issue here.
  8. Account Name: Shadowdragonne Character name : Shadowdragonne Server: DW1.7 Time/date to roll back to: If possible please rollback my character inventory to the day after my second to last log in to the server (last log in was 5/18/19 so the one previous to that). If that isnt possible then rollback to 5/11/19 Description of Issue: Logged in after a long absence and one of my ender pouches was empty where it should have had several items and 2 bags. Its been to long for me to remember exactly what was in the pouch, but it wasnt a crazy amount of items. Than
  9. The bottomless pouch from thaumcraft currently requires the hungry chest as part of the infusion recipe, which is banned. Is it possible to get an alternate recipe, maybe with the open blocks luggage as a replacement, so this item can be crafted? Thank you Shadowdragonne
  10. Edit: issue seems to be that the 2 mil in my blood network is gone. I dont know if i used it up or if there was a glitch and it vanished. In anycase, the teleposers are fine i think. Thank you As of the Monday 4/1/19 Mystcraft/RFTools dimensions wipe, Mystcraft worlds can no longer be created and the Blood Magic teleposers I have no longer function. I was assisted by Zachary13, who replaced the the 2 teleposers and the teleposition foci i had placed with fresh ones and those do not work either. I tested them again this morning and they are still not working. I had some other
  11. Could the Restricted Items list for DW1.7 be updated please. There are evidently several items no longer restricted, as far as i I have been told by some staff and other players. Alternatively, does this mean that items are restricted from crafting but if you have the ability from a rank, you can spawn them in? It is fairly confusing to me now.... Shadowdragonne
  12. Account Name: Shadowdragonne Town name: / Character name : Shadowland / Shadowdragonne - i need both a town rollback and an inventory rollback please Server: DW 1.7.10 Coordinates: x: -3020 z: 1142 y: 68 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: prior to 3 pm (pacific) 3/26/19 Description of Issue: Don't put AE2 drives in a golden bag of holding - bad things happen. Currently cannot log in, I get dumped to desktop. Zachary13 was also kicked attempting to access my inventory to remove the drives.
  13. looked into by Zachary13. Thanks Zachary13! Shadowdragonne
  14. So I originally wrote this in Technical Issues, but it seems to have disappeared. Ir it reappears, I will try to catch it to delete it. I have discovered that putting too many AE2 drives into a Golden Bag of Holding is a Bad Thing. I can no longer log in, I have restarted the game, restarted Twitch, and rebooted my computer. The bag is in my 3rd or 4th hotbar slot, and it has I think 4 AE2 drives in there. Is it possible to remove them from the bag and put them back into my inventory? Thank you Shadowdragonne
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