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  1. Please Ban. Or figure out a way to fix them So they don't drop the TPS to unplayable levels.
  2. Hey Bruny, Did you get around to checking out the modpack? we been working on it for 2 1/2 weeks now we just need more testing and feedback.

  3. HAI Bruny! As you know or are about to find out Quagma, Quartz, and I have been working on the traincraft modpack for about a week or so now. We are Kinda hoping that we might be able ask you to make a test server, so we can have more open testing, to the public, in a established setting? The server wouldn't be visible of course. With much love and ass kissery, Almsy
  4. You can close this topis. turns out its my connection and a service tech is coming....
  5. Yep i used that port Curse client isnt working either on to MultiMC
  6. Not sure if its my end or not but for the last few days i havent been able to conenct at all to any server... nothing has changed on my end I disabled any firewall I opened up all my ports I flushed my DNS. It wont even give me a ping response.
  7. @Brunyman, I will start working with quartz to see what we can come up with. then with your approval get it on technic and curse.
  8. Yea everything would be train centric.
  9. I say fresh map. Get Immersive enginerring etc. No AE2. But lots of common core mods. Drawers jabba etc. Make the pack like really player intensive economy. I dunno I will think of good mods to add in, Like a western style thing. With 1.70 TC its a completely different author. For the most part most bugs I have noticed are gone. Laos added animations for angled ascents/decents. its been reworked Really well.
  10. I seriously dislike when you logic me Quagma... MODS are easy to install!!shgjklsdfhgkj Anyways Love you G'nite! WAIT! but also why not provide the modpack to Download? I think it would be really cool for craftersland to have their "OWN" modpack made up. I would totally be down for that! Maybe a New step in a different direction?
  11. Traincraft has been a WIP for a while now and they finally got the code picked up a while ago. Its a really super fun mod. and trains are long over due in MC. I dunno just a suggestion.. If I had my way i would add it to every modpack.
  12. The server is stuck in a loop or something, keeps crashing.
  13. By far the Best community I have had the pleasure to play with. And Will keep supporting it in any way i can.
  14. Doclorlin and twilightic join me on infinity. it's what i've been doing since... hours ago. Well when you are responsible for people paying to play (Granted they don't have to) on a particular service, they in turn expect a certain level of correspondence. Merely ignoring your paying crowd will inevitably lead to questions. Only when something is brought up, is when GM's or Admin respond. An update here and there would be greatly appreciated by ALL the community. Instead of the staff only responding when things are wrong or going wrong. The staff has made a community and there is a certain level of responsibility, to keep your community informed. I love the new community I have found. And its provided me with many hours of entertainment. I also Congrat Brunyman on the birth of his new Child! May the infant be forever an MC Addict LOL
  15. Starting to feel like a broken record but when will the server be back up?
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