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  1. EPICfighters

    [Refund request] Enitatsa

    Rocket refunded T/C
  2. EPICfighters

    refund request

    Items refunded and confirmed T/C
  3. EPICfighters

    Lost items

    As geri said, please supply a list of items you lost and the upgrades you had for the power armour and please give your Minecraft ign (as asked for in the template)
  4. EPICfighters

    [Island Rollback Request]*Wiffia*

    Just going to bump this so it gets seen again ^^
  5. Grave not found (player uninterested in getting items back) T/C
  6. EPICfighters

    town removal request [DarkCity]

    Town Regenerated and Removed T/C
  7. EPICfighters

    [Town Removal] Dragos

    Town Removed T/C
  8. EPICfighters

    [Refund Request]*Ramonph14*

    Items refunded and placed in Colossal Chest
  9. EPICfighters

    [Request] HeroChat channel

  10. EPICfighters

    [Island rollback request]

    Please don't join the server in the meantime as it crashes it
  11. The Inventory Rollback is mainly for when a large amount of items were lost and the player can't remember everything. Alternatively, if the player (you) can remember the items then it's best to make a Refund Request as it's quicker and easier to do, it can also be done by any staff member with Mod rank or higher. Here's the template for future references.
  12. Was it just the sword and pickaxe that was lost?
  13. EPICfighters

    [Refund Request] AlphaTrionPrime

    Items Refunded, Placed in chest
  14. EPICfighters

    [Refund Request] AlphaTrionPrime

    @AlphaTrionPrime Is it both the top lot and bottom lot (After Edit) that you want refunding or is it just the "Edit" part?
  15. EPICfighters

    So me logging into the server seems to crash it?

    Tesseracts Refunded
  16. EPICfighters

    So me logging into the server seems to crash it?

    Re logging will fix that
  17. EPICfighters

    Refund request

    Items placed in chest (marked by a sign saying "ChimpyKong Items".
  18. EPICfighters

    [Refund Request] AlphaTrionPrime

    Items Refunded
  19. EPICfighters


    Please edit your post to follow this template and list all items (and upgrades)
  20. EPICfighters

    [unban request] Always_Ein

    After some serious pondering, and asking Victorious, I have decided to leave the ban until Monday. I have decided to do the early unban because the "victim" wants the unban since they have made up. However, it was still a bug exploit. Please note that even though the unban will be done early your next offense will be the 4th offense which is a 28 day ban. If I am the one to do the next Rule 2 ban (if there is one) I will not grant an early unban.
  21. EPICfighters

    Help! i lost my stuff!

    It might be better if you make an inventory rollback request since you can't remember everything in your inventory and backpacks. Note: This is a longer process and won't be done straight away. If you urgently want your items back then list the ones you lost in the edit by using the refund template in the above comment.
  22. EPICfighters

    Wither from Chance cubes.

    Mob killed. In the future please open chance cubes in the nether (or The Beneath once you make/get a portal) to prevent this from happening again if you can't kill them T/C
  23. EPICfighters

    X_TeeZil_X Refund Request

    Items confirmed T/C
  24. EPICfighters

    Rocket Disappearing

    Rocket placed in chest outside near your NASA workbench.
  25. EPICfighters

    X_TeeZil_X Refund Request

    Items Refunded. They are in a golden bag in your inventory.

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