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  1. Rollback Complete Confirmed with player T/C
  2. I know this topic is closed but I just want to add, staff do not have the ability to depleat player hunger nor spawn in mobs. I should know this since I've done the permissions ^^
  3. I see that you made a rollback request but retracted it. Am I correct in assuming you no longer want a rollback?
  4. I agree. Do you mean you will gladly help other players build on their island? Since you are a default player on Skyfactory 3, you don't have the world edit commands. If so, making a post in the Skyfactory 3 Technical Support section won't get you very far. T/C
  5. Item refunded. Placed next to smeltery T/C
  6. I reset your rank. Hopefully it will have fixed it. Inform us if it hasn't.
  7. Commands added. Note: Do not use world edit on large areas. Misuse of world edit will result in it being removed and you will no longer be able to request it. Inform me if anything is wrong.
  8. Do you have a rough location of where the drawers were? I could replace those to get the items back and then refund the drives.
  9. Seems like the backup file for that time period do not have the drives either. Have you had these drives for a long time or are they quite recent? More specifically, did you place the drives in the ME system shortly before the time you mentioned?
  10. Reactivated your purchased claim blocks.
  11. Congratulations to all winners this month!! The time has come again for another great month of voting. As said last month, Ultimate Reloaded and OmniFactory will be added to the Top Voter Winner list; and would you believe it, on the first month OmniFactory has TWO winners!!! Along with SkyFactory 3, SkyAdventures and DireWolf 1.7!!! Congratulations to cabalmaster on his 7th consecutive win!!!! Thank you for all the support, happy voting! Congratulations to scitor for their 3rd consecutive win!!! Keep up the good votes TOP VOTER WINNERS The July Top Voters are: Tekkit: cabalmaster Skyfactory 2.5: Papikus_ Skyfactory 3: tyranor34, G3N3R1C_N4M3 (not very generic) Skyfactory 4: Undertakerin Sky Adventures: Interstellar_HD, Jeebus_Krist DireWolf20 1.7: scitor, DeathService DireWolf20 1.12: deathead45 Revelations: Quadrapodus Infinity Evolved: ilruck Continuum: feterek Stoneblock 2: herkulessi Interactions: Quantumblade Ultimate Reloaded: tandruss OmniFactory: jerothg, NightmareDoctor Network: iiTzArismaltor_ On behalf of all the staff, a big thank you to everyone who voted for our servers!! Enjoy your new rank in-game! Best of luck to everyone on becoming next month's Top Voter! (Rank will be given shortly after this post)
  12. Found your grave. I have placed it at your base. Close to your current location. X: -107 Y: 72 Z: 315
  13. Hello @levi779, If you had a rank on the server then you can make a Rank Reactivation request topic here. Furthermore, you can also request other purchases to be reactivated. This however does not include any consumables such as money or various kits. Claimblocks can be reactivated. If you are still unsure about what can and cannot be reactivated then it would be best to just request what you want and then wait for the response.
  14. I found the cause of the problem. You had an external storage port connected to your Giant Chest. I am not sure as to why this happens when it is connected to your Refined Storage system but connecting it to a separate system works and doesn't produce the error. I removed the storage bus and placed it in your RS system.
  15. So it happens when you open your refined storage terminal?
  16. To invite a player to your island you need to do /is invite [playername] (Player must be online) The invitation will appear in chat with [Accept] and [Decline] for your friend (I think the choice here is obvious, click on this in chat) A message in chat will notify you once your friend has joined. P.S. Your island is locked so only island members will be able to travel to the island.
  17. I was able to go to your island with no problems. I TP'd you to spawn. Try logging in now.
  18. Topic moved to ULR Technical Support Command added. T/C
  19. Message me when you are next online. Please note that I won't be available from 1700 - 0000 GMT+1. If you are online during this time then it would be best to sort this out tomorrow. There's a command (/projecte clearknowledge) that will clear your knowledge but you need to be online for it to work. Not sure if players can use it either.
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