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  1. I used the closest save based on the time you gave, however that was in my timezone. Could you tell me which timezone you are in so i can find a more suitable file.
  2. Done a rollback on a 3 chunk radius surrounding the coords given. If you are still experiences crashes due to a corrupt chunk please respond.
  3. Roll-backed the island to the 24th. Hopefully it should fix your current problems this time.
  4. Hello @Moos3man123, Are those coordinates to the location of the disk drive? The structures at the coordinates within the Backup and Latest files are different. If you got show a clear location along with the coordinates of the drive then I will be able to perform the rollback.
  5. Hello @hecomre, You put this as an Inventory Rollback Request but you mentioned "If possible could you please rollback all of my claims please" Judging that you said "equipment" then it's logical that an Inventory rollback is required, however since you said claims I am now unsure. Could you please verify if it is either you Inventory or Claim that you want rolling back? Or both.
  6. Unfortunately, we no longer have backups from March so I won't be able to rollback the land where your base was.
  7. Rollback complete I did the chunk where the coords were.
  8. Duplicate Post T/C P.S. Stop making duplicate posts
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