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  1. Account Name: Ehrenbogi Rank: Sponsor+ Requested Commands^: nucleus.speed.base (Speed), WorldEdit, /Vanish, Removal of TP Timer Reason for Request*: Had it before on Tekkit (Rank Transfer from IE)
  2. With Rank Rewards are the Items and money meant.
  3. Hello there, Name: HeroGer Rank: Sponsor+ On Server: Since 2015 First of all my Question: Can i get refunded my Sponsor+ rewards? The Perms i want to recive: Removal of any teleportation timer - Having it easier from Home X to Home Y or tpa's /tp - Use to go faster to friends insteed of using /tpa ... and wait till /tpaccept - I still continue to use /tpa to other players ( essentials.tp ) /speed - to be faster ( nucleus.speed.base ) /jump - Same as /speed - faster moving /weather (/sun /day) - to keep it Sunny make some
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