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  1. Of course I went to check out what happened at his base, I wanted to see what had happened if anything. now I don't actually know how you bypass protection, and you could've used /invsee to see if I had the materials that it would require (I assume it has something to do with plasma generators if daedricking knows what he's talking about). Maybe he did Idfk, even if it wasn't him I'd assume whoever did it wouldn't stick around after they set up the explosion so they wouldn't get caught and banned. Why would I break the rules in such a blatant manner after even mentioning this guy who I believe to be cheating directly to you? It doesn't make any sense, no sane person would do that. Again, I didn't take matter into my own hands, I was on a murder trip and he /backed and flew around with no gear on. I killed him a few more times and his base got destroyed by someone else who wasn't preoccupied with murder. I don't know what happened with the hole, I saw it about the same time you did and had the exact same amount of information that you did. I still don't understand how you can just assume that I was the one who did it. If someone sets off a bomb in a building the police don't just arrest the first guy standing near the building and say "Eh he was right next to the explosion so he must have done it".
  2. [1] In-Game Username: TheSpilledMilk [2] Details of Situation: I was near CoffeeGamerYT's base when it was blown up by something or other, I don't know what blew it up but something/someone did. [3] Ban Category: Breaking rule 8 griefing protected property [4] Ban Duration: 1 week from 9/19/2017 [5] Staff Member: Belgarufo banned me [6] ScreenShots: N/A [7] Your Reason: I was only near the CoffeeGamerYT's base when it was blown up, no evidence was provided that I even had a hand in it (because I obviously didn't). I did nothing wrong, and nobody seems to have any proof saying otherwise and therefore should not be banned.
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