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  1. Your Name: ZiiNiteIsland Owner Name: ZiiNiteCoordiantes: XYZ: -1806 / 72 / 9431Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): dont knowDescription of Issue: I builded up the reborn storage, after i connect , server drop down ,Screenshots (Optional):
  2. TheNite


    LoL cant be true i crushed server before and it was only 13 x 13 x 13 yesterday i build only 13 x 13 x 5 and it doesnt work
  3. Hello guys, i want to appologize to everyone , i made again that RebornStorage for autocrafting , and was smaller like before and again server crushed i think, can you tell me what size max it can be? for working well. Thanks dont ban me plz
  4. TheNite

    Refund Request

    and how im looking in my Experience obelisk i lost 200 levels, had 350 now i have only 150 is that refundable too ? as i killed 3 chaotic dragons they dropped around 150-200 levels
  5. Hey guys i just readed on discord i have to post screenshot for adding me a VIP role on discord so here it is. And wanted to ask if there are VIP badges on forum too. Thanks.
  6. Your Name: ZiiNitetem Name + ID + Amount: Chaotic Fusion Crafting Injector x 9, Chaos Shard x 5, Auto-Placer x 7, Draconic Reactor Core, 36x Energy Core Stabilizer, 786 x Draconium Block, 378 x Awakened Draconium Block, 140 x Crafting Frame, 726 x Heat Conductor, 121 x Crafting Storage, 1210 x Crafting CPU, that was for 13x13x13 RebonStorage system. 10 x Draconic Energy Relay Crystal Coordinates: XYZ: -1806 / 72 / 9431Description of Issue: Brunny rollbacked my island. I want to know from him or from stuff where was the problem. Screenshots (Optional):
  7. TheNite

    HUD bug

    repaired, i somehow , get into my inventory on half broken cobble, and it wasnt showing anywhere, so i killed myself, everything was allright, when i take all my items it again broke ma HUD, so i make trashcan and put it into it and bom tada disappear and everything its just fine LOCK this topic or delete
  8. TheNite

    HUD bug

    so i connected on server on my notebook , that was about 100 km away from my home, and the same situation , it looks like i did something wrong, and server or i have no idea what is happening , do you have any ideas guys please edit: i tried , start new game,single player, everything works just fine so , whats the problem ...
  9. TheNite

    HUD bug

    yes is really specific problem, i have no idea, sometimes when i CLICK E frames are showed, but anyway i cant play like that, no clue what to do , i reinstalled its couple of times , no help at all .
  10. TheNite

    HUD bug

    if i post it on wrong forum delete, ill make new one after
  11. TheNite

    HUD bug

    Hello guys, today happend something wierd to me, i was normally playing , and i have no idea what happend if i clicked something or what, related topic on reddit , he was talking about the same thing as me attaching some pics from game, reinstalled, mods, game, twitch app nothing helps some ideas ? https://imgur.com/a/ofgee - 4 pics
  12. TheNite

    Island rollback request

    Item x PCS : Item number Reactor Casing x 500 ,Reactor Controll Rod x 676, Block of diamond x 676 , Block of redstone x 128, Garden Cloche x 20, Block of Iron x 500 ,Block of gold 200 List of seeds(one piece): Essence ,Blaze ,Coal ,Diamond ,Dye ,Emerald ,Ender ,Glowstone ,Gold ,Iron ,Nether, Redstone, Aluminium ,Certus Quartz ,Copper ,Dark Iron ,Yellorite ,Skeleton seed. some other non needed items i think its all
  13. TheNite

    Island rollback request

    ill post new one in the time of next week
  14. TheNite

    Island rollback request

    ow , i was in work today so i didnt read forum, but you rollback about 20hours of my work past this weekend , i thought you cant put it back so i started again, like asked bought some items , and i already had , full reactor , garden cloche farm and now i have nothing so i will not play now till you fix it or do it how u want and ill be happy

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