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  1. Island rollback request

    Item x PCS : Item number Reactor Casing x 500 ,Reactor Controll Rod x 676, Block of diamond x 676 , Block of redstone x 128, Garden Cloche x 20, Block of Iron x 500 ,Block of gold 200 List of seeds(one piece): Essence ,Blaze ,Coal ,Diamond ,Dye ,Emerald ,Ender ,Glowstone ,Gold ,Iron ,Nether, Redstone, Aluminium ,Certus Quartz ,Copper ,Dark Iron ,Yellorite ,Skeleton seed. some other non needed items i think its all
  2. Island rollback request

    ill post new one in the time of next week
  3. Island rollback request

    ow , i was in work today so i didnt read forum, but you rollback about 20hours of my work past this weekend , i thought you cant put it back so i started again, like asked bought some items , and i already had , full reactor , garden cloche farm and now i have nothing so i will not play now till you fix it or do it how u want and ill be happy
  4. Island rollback request

    SO list of items : 10 x 64 Redstone 331, 5 x 64 Iron ingot 265, 5 x 64 Gold ingot 226, 2 x 64 Yellorium ingot 5960, 1 x 64 Vibrant Energetic Reds, 1 x Ultimate furnace, 1 x Disk Drive, 20 x Silicon, 16 x Eggs, 2 or 3 x 64 Diamonds , Ruby and Blaze rods, 5x 64 Coal , 1 x 64 Block of coal, and a lot more that i have no idea what they was
  5. Island rollback request

    How can i know list of items, there was about 50+ types of items ? many of i have no idea what some idea ? how to make that list, there was just everything i gain from legendary chcest from normal chcests(vote) and all gathered items lol i cant remember If you can rollback it further i dont care, like one day before, or something i dont know.
  6. Your Name: ZiiNite Island Owner Name: ZiiNite Coordiantes: Not sure if its right -1778 / 72 / 9468 (add screenshot) Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Date: 10.01.2018 22:25 Description of Issue: I accidentally break my colossal chest with all items, i hoped they will be back when i build it again so if you can put it back i'll be very grateful thanks. https://imgur.com/a/glVYO

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