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  1. I TP'ed to the coord you gave and there was nothing there. tp'ed to your island and found a diamond colossal chest and it's not empty. It is safe for you to go back to your island. you can empty it out and then destroy the chest.
  2. Ultradev has been added to the island as a member. Have fun T/C
  3. items from grave in a rftool has been returned or refunded, or whatever this is, as this player has said it's has been fixed. T/C
  4. Player has been warned. Please let us know if the player still breaking the rules via Discord or post in the forum. T/C
  5. items REFUNDED. Please follow the template right next time. T/C
  6. Your Name: PropallyIsland Owner Name: Sharpkiller7766Coordiantes: Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 9/28/2018 11PMDescription of Issue: Skyclaim bugged, everybody can access and someone jacked the disks from RS. (reloaded config and fixed)Screenshots (Optional):
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