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  1. Tiredman72

    [Refund Request] Rastafunk DW 1.7

    Player Refunded T/C
  2. Tiredman72

    Spawn item buy issue

    DW20 1.7 or 1.12?
  3. Tiredman72

    Delete please

    items from grave in a rftool has been returned or refunded, or whatever this is, as this player has said it's has been fixed. T/C
  4. Tiredman72


    Pizzasamuel added to Danielpumpkinpie's island. T/C
  5. Tiredman72

    Complaint - GGM_Endy

    Player has been warned. Please let us know if the player still breaking the rules via Discord or post in the forum. T/C
  6. Tiredman72

    Phantom lights & Slow tickrate

    Which modpack?
  7. Tiredman72

    Item Rollback

    items REFUNDED. Please follow the template right next time. T/C
  8. Tiredman72

    [Refund Request]_The_Elemental_

    Spoke with player in-game. issue solved. T/C
  9. Tiredman72

    [Refund Request] Wiffia

    Player refunded. T/C
  10. Tiredman72

    [Island Rollback Request] luigi030501

    player says thanks. T/C
  11. Your Name: PropallyIsland Owner Name: Sharpkiller7766Coordiantes: Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 9/28/2018 11PMDescription of Issue: Skyclaim bugged, everybody can access and someone jacked the disks from RS. (reloaded config and fixed)Screenshots (Optional):
  12. Tiredman72

    [Buycraft Refund] Tiredman72

    No refund? dang.
  13. Tiredman72

    [Buycraft Refund] Tiredman72

    In-Game Name: Tiredman72Server CTWItem name + Item ID VIP Rank I am asking to get my money back! Transaction ID: 0LT61149LV3852054 Description of Issue CTW says to get vip to have some of features so i did... nope... not working so i want a refund.
  14. @Sindor_Nex Yes Brunyman will provide a download link for a copy of world save for single player.
  15. Tiredman72

    [Refund Request] Itz_Jeffrey

    We are waiting for the island rollback to be completed first, then we will refunds the player if still needed to.

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