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  1. /break and world edit

    spoke to player in-game, confirmed player have the commands T/C
  2. Economy and easy Endgame Fix

    This is wonderful idea, but the idea for a specific rank and above are not allowed to be given items to for free or sell item at low price is not a good idea, that's my option. maybe cheap kit at high rank. I would suggest to add this idea to skyfactory 3
  3. [Island Rollback Request] ILoveAnimee16

    Claim Rollback? Since you post it in Technical Support in SkyFactory, You mean Island rollback? I just want to ask just in case people got confused.
  4. I Lost part of my island

    User ILoveAnimee16 made a rollback request post for this issue. T/C
  5. [Island Rollback Request] MrSoloHD

    Confirmed in-game. T/C
  6. GMC Removed

    Please edit the post to have a island rollback request using the template. You will have to rollback your island to the point where you don't have GM access, if it's over two months then you will need to restart your island. EDIT: in-game, Epic told me that he had gm for over a year and half. Epic, you would have to restart your island after brunyman disable your gm access.
  7. turns out it wasn't fixed

    Please, would you upload the crash report log?
  8. Server advertising

    Thank you for reporting Bearbat9 has been warned by Lancelot. T/C
  9. my game keeps crashing help me

    is your game still crashing?
  10. my game keeps crashing help me

    on FTB, go to option, there you can see a bar where you can set Maximum RAM. set it around 4. on Twitch, click the down arrow next to your name then click setting, then click Minecraft, go to bottom and there you can see bar where you can set Maximum memory allocation. set it somewhere in the recommended area.
  11. my game keeps crashing help me

    Did this crash occurs while loading up the game or during in-game? Have you set your launcher to use 4gb or more RAM?
  12. my game keeps crashing i need help

    Duped topic posted. First original can be found over here. T/C
  13. my game keeps crashing help me

    This belong to Technical Support section. Moved to Technical Support Are you using texture pack or default?
  14. rollback request

    edgentex post a new topic for another topic as SoulessSushi has suggested T/C
  15. [Sky Factory] Server wipe maybe?

    we'll leave the topic open for more votes/comments and brunyman's reply