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  1. Sent to your Discord in PMs.
  2. @Henk the tag was not working in the post.
  3. In-Game Nickname: Swimsam1 Time and date: 8:43 PM 05/31/2018 Description of what happened: Nearly every time I see him, he constantly disrupts the integrity of the server. Generally he will speak ill of others, whether it be to them or to others, about them, but just enough so that it isn't seen as harassment or insulting others. He consistently insults staff members (myself included), and claims that "Helpers aren't staff, they can be insulted, @Henk said so!" I'm sick of his terrible constant attitude towards everyone, both staff and fellow player, and immature hateful outbursts towards whenever the slightest things don't go his way. I do not think he will change his ways, as he has shown with multiple bans stacked up on him, and a complete disregard to want to change his attitude after either. And I believe the server's members will continue to suffer as well as the server's numbers if he is allowed to continue with his current attitude towards everyone and everything. Something must be done about him, he needs to learn that it is not alright to act out as a child would, especially when he is close to becoming a legal adult, and it is not okay to treat people however you desire. Screenshots or Proof: Can check chatlogs. List of eyewitnesses: Contact the majority of server members.
  4. The Chestshop plugin for the server would make an amazing addition I personally believe. It could bring towny to life as a way for people to open "shop plots", giving them the ability to sell items directly from their inventories, and giving ME a whole new reason to exist (supplying the shops). While /market create is a great feature, this could make it so that the player could auto supply and take away entirely the risk of getting kicked and having to reload all your chunks simply because you wanted to post one item at a time from a stack. As a side note it an entire city could also be opened specifically for shops. Allowing players to walk through and browse different building styles, checking out what each person has decided to sell and at what price. And give a more in depth look into how the economy looks and allow for more economical competition!
  5. Your Name: DeBunnynatorItem Name + Amount: Chocolate Milk Mystcraft Page (1)Coordinates: No clue.Description of Issue: Spent a ton of time looking for the chocolate milk mystcraft page, then the server crashed and rolled back and I lost it.Screenshots (Optional): Don't have any ?
  6. Anyone having questions about this specific occurrence feel free to PM me on Discord @DeBunnynator#2728!
  7. Swimsam, I'm sorry you feel this way, truly I am. But I've just killed Ein for the first time today. I picked up his things first so they wouldn't despawn then threw them back, they were right next to him. He waited too long to pick them up because he was repeatedly typing in chat. Helpers are allowed to play the game. That's what I was doing, playing the game. I do help people more than you realize, and you try to use your ignorance of that fact against me. Also, I do not "exploit" anything. I use in game mechanics for everything. I also said that I did it "because I can", not "feeling like it". You weren't even online when these events happened...
  8. If I'm gonna do PixelArt who could forget our favorite doggo meme?
  9. I'd hope so, took FOREVER.
  10. So I guess the Dalek just wasn't enough because immediately after I made this GIANT Pikachu. Wanna see it up close? /t spawn CheeseTown. He's pretty massive.
  11. DeBunnynator


    You've been to my base right...
  12. DeBunnynator


    I've never seen your base before
  13. DeBunnynator


    I really doubt it, it's not as hard as you think it is. Give it a shot. There are blueprints for this kind of thing too.
  14. DeBunnynator


    In my last post here I compared my rather seemingly small home to the T.A.R.D.I.S.. This of course prompted me to make this giant Dalek. Standing at 52 blocks tall and around 31 blocks wide, it consists of 3,416 blocks. Edit: File size was too big for me to upload picture. Posted link instead!
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