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  1. Hello. I purchased the RFTools dimension save a while ago, and I'd like a certain dimension loaded. The ID is "31420". Thank you. EDIT: If it's needed, the name is "World". Also, it is legal to go into gmc and create a dimension, then put it into a creative builder. The world is meant for a place to live in (similar to overworld), and doesn't have excessive resources, but it technicaly does influence my items, so would I still be allowed to sell/give items? EDIT 2: Turns out I cant sell items if I do it, so I'm not going to be using this dimension.
  2. I'll split it once I refill my inv with those things and put " - (name)" next to them.
  3. Items ([amount]x [id]): 1x 1626 1x 1626:1 1x 1626:2 192x 5560:14 10x 5560:92 1x 5560:164 1x 5560:45 10x 5560:40 1x 5560:44 1x 5560:43 10x 5560:71 32x 5560:128 2x 5560:83 5x 5560:93 3x 1668 1x 1632 1x 1631 3x 5560:64 10x 5560:23 5x 5560:10 10x 5560:38 10x 5560:39 10x 5560:90 1x 5560:42 10x 5560:89 1x 397:3 1x 383:98 6x 383:6404 Reason for request: Witchery is a mod containing many things that can be very frustrating to do. Making the different square-bottled (Redstone soup, infernal animus, etc) brews, and getting all the coven witches, plus powering your altar. I have created a kit which, while allowing you to explore different parts of witchery, provides the means to "kickstart" your journey through the mod. It offers the square-bottled brews, a familiar + 6 coven witches, vampirism, all the plants, altar power, as well as some hard to get ingredients. I believe that these things will make such an expansive mod as witchery easier to start.
  4. Account Name: PintsizedSix40 Town name: / Character name : PintsizedSix40 Server: dw1.7 Coordinates: 10 88 -53 Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: Any time today that is before 4:30 PST Description of Issue: I accidentally shift + clicked on gmc delete and I didn't know it clears your inv, I just thought it removed all types of the item I was holding. The time doesn't really matter because I had a refund request for a dim tab, but I filled a chest with them in gmc, I just want it before when I shift + clicked. Thank You!
  5. ty, I'm just gonna set a few homes with chests full of duped ones in my dim so I never lose it again.
  6. I bought P+, and to stop the lag from the amount of entitys, I powered my dim with some creative stuff. When I tried to pick it up, the dimension builder containing my tab got deleted. Basically, I need this done again. Thank you.
  7. IGN: PintsizedSix40 Coords: 1588 147 -531 Issue: Hello. A while ago, I created a witchery area, I have now discovered that some of the chunks are no longer claimed, and I cannot reclaim them, since another town is too close. If its possible, could the unclaimed chunks in the floating island be force claimed to the town "Y_The_Kid" (coords lead to it)? Thank you.
  8. Your Name: PintsizedSix40Item Name + ID + Ammount: Ok, so this is a complex refund request. You need to run the command "/rftdim createtab 24215" to get the item that needs to be refunded. Just one is needed.Coordinates: 1513 70 -494 (irrelevant to the issue)Description of Issue: Ok, so I just bought the rftools world save, and right after I had placed an activity probe in my dimension, I was lucky enough to have broken the dimension builder, when there was a rollback. My builder is gone (I placed it after), with my tab in it, and while I can access my dimension, it's hard to build my reactor while my vision is bouncing and no entitys can move. It would be great if I could get the tab so that I can power it. The above command will give the tab. Thank you.Screenshots (Optional):
  9. Name: Drop of Luck Mod: Witchery Id: 5560:39 Suggested Price: $100 Reason for Suggestion: I think that having Drop of Luck in the shop would be awesome, as it has many uses in witchery, and while it is not super hard to obtain, it takes a bit of time and is annoying to create, especially when you do 1 single thing wrong and mess up ALL your work. This item is also a great item for starting witchery, and would help people starting off, as well as people far into it, but not wanting to have to make the drop of luck. It is used in a few recipes, such as the oils, which can be used to infuse things, seer stones, mystic branches, infusions, and a few more things. These things are all things that a player would want to do, but making so many of them is not fun at all, and when I play witchery, making drops of luck is one of the few things I don't look forward to. It would be great if it could be added, as it would make the mod take a bit less time, and make it a bit more fun.
  10. Your Name: PintsizedSix40Item Name + ID + Ammount: Void Shovel (4846) 1 Void Pickaxe (4847) 1 Void Hoe (4850) 1 Void Axe (4848) 1 Void Sword (4849) 1 Angel Ring Dragon Wings (5225:3) 1 Dial Device (2233) 1 Observations of an Immortal (6146) 1 Torn Page (5560:160) 7 I also had 3 reusable safari nets, one with a blaze, another with a wither skeleton, and the last one with a bat. These were hard to get so it would be awesome to get them back, as with the other items.Coordinates: Not important to this, somewhere at 5093, 102, 773.Description of Issue: I am never going back to the twilight forest. I was playing, when gameofminds started raging at how their stuff was stuck up at the lich tower, so I can to help them. When I got there, I was instantly killed by the lich, and when I tried to go back, my grave was spawned this time, but when I opened it, the lich evaporated all of my items. I really hope I can get my items back and if I can, I'll never go back there.Screenshots (Optional):
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