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  1. So here is the proof we got from your me system: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/381936535857266702/597922368501055488/2019-07-09_01.21.49.png?width=1037&height=550 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/381936535857266702/597922403913433138/2019-07-09_01.25.23.png?width=1037&height=550 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/381936535857266702/597922421663596564/2019-07-09_01.27.29.png?width=1037&height=550 And the staff that find/ban was CowGoesBananas he can offer more information when he gets online.
  2. Hey i made you a refund, check the chest in your rf area i hope its ok and next time please use a template like the one here: https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/24638-template-refund-request/ T/C
  3. Ok i see that i will punish him for Rule14 No Scamming.
  4. Hey, try and reinstall the launcher but be sure to delete all the minecraft/mods from you pc, and use the craftersland launcher. The files you can find here: search-run-%appdata%-.minecraft, depends on the windows your using but in general you need to get in %appdata%
  5. Hey, what launcher are you using? try using craftersland launcher and when you open it click launch put in a username and click play offline.... and try and delete from your pc other minecraft files that you might have,they can be corrupted... you find them here: start meniu-search-run-%appdata% find .minecraft and delete it. And it will be usefull the error your getting.
  6. Refund done. P.S. please move your base from twilight because it resets and it will be wipe... go to the overworld. T/C
  7. Hi, well did you have the chest full of items or just some, if it was full and you can't put a list of items and quantity then i suggest you make a reroll request with the time that you want to reroll to, but if you remember the items and qunt. then make a refund request please use in both cases the specific template. P.S if you have a screen shot that will be very helpfull.
  8. So we made a decision in your case. 1-Your ban will be reduce to 1 hr 2-No more creative stuff picking without asking a staff member if the item is legit or not... like really 10000000 dmg seems fine to you? 3-Your bane of the pig item will be deleted.
  9. Yes for this tiny item that is almost imposible to find and its most likely to be spawn in by hacked clients.... we still investigate please be patient.
  10. You joined on 30 march and you found it somewhere a item that have a very slim chance to drop only in dungeons.... like 0.1%, you expect me to belive that? Why diden't you contact a staff to ask about this item, and why no one said he lost it ? can you provide some real evidence that you found it?
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