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  1. @Ness27 Dw1. 7 he also made 2 post in technical supp.
  2. Please edit your request to be as this template, and always use the template. Your Name: Coordinates: Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine, including timezone) (day/month/year): Description of Issue: Screenshots (Optional): it makes things easy for staff, and dont spam it takes some time to do the requests....
  3. The only way to resolve this is to ask for a Rank reactivation.... maybe some of the perks bug out.... https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/31358-template-package-reactivation/
  4. Refund done, i replace the key from your base chest with a new one.
  5. Island was deleted/reseted. To start over /is create. T/C.
  6. Item added to your inventory T/C.
  7. Please use nesting pens! in order to avoid another refund its twice now. Refund done; you will find the chickens in a golden chest that is place at your chicken house, outside.
  8. Refund done, you will find the keys in a wooden chest, outside your blue&brown? building. Next time please don't purchase vote keys or ench. items from Tinker mode, they will get disenchantment when they are put/pull from the market.... It's better to do the transaction face to face when you got keys/ench. items. PS. Next time please use your full username, player max don't have a island. Your items are on the coord. that you provide it. (Island owner Royal_Arsenic) PS 2. Now i saw that you posted for Royal all good.
  9. Your commands had been reset, it should work now.
  10. Hey sorry for the long wait but can you explain in more details what happend, i'm having a hard time understanding how 30 vote keys just vanish like that.... seems from your explication that you only consume 3 and from 2 of them you got extra keys and from last money, is this right or? I'm confused, i will leave it open please respond and try a better explication, more details. Thx!
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