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  1. OP forgot about rocket, rocket also refunded to OP
  2. I placed the items in a chest at your town spawn. Assuming all items are returned, make a new thread if any are missing T/C
  3. Items refunded, chest at your town home T/C
  4. T/C Refund request seemed to be complete
  5. Considering the only way through the wall was by enderpearling, I'd say it was pretty much entirely walled off. The reason that he wasn't banned was because: 1. There was no wall as a deterent. (The crates were fully open) 2. It was a newer player who didn't seem to fully comprehend what was happening. Prior to your ban we've been talking about the duped keys. 3. Finally considering you weren't opening the keys before, and decided to started opening them when I seemed to leave (In vanish). Finally, in my view its common sense not to use duped items, however along with the other things that should have been put forth as a warning not to use them I feel that the ban was justified.
  6. I've been trying to join the server and whenever I join it crashes, DragonLady confirmed its not my base, and I doubt its my inventory or location because I'm at spawn, and my inventory only has an axe it in. So I assume I need a playerdata wipe. Thanks and have a great day! Regards, DragonSlayer?
  7. Yes, I didn't completely give a verbal warning and I'm sorry for that, however it was implied you shouldn't be opening keys. The biggest indicator was that to get into the crates, you would have had to gone through the wall that I made. Along with this, its implied that you shouldn't open duped keys, I'd assumed this was warning enough. Here you can also see that Lukas asks if spawn is open now, and obviously it wasn't. He couldn't get into the box I made either, and you then proceeded to tp him in. If it was fine, the crates wouldn't be blocked off, and you'd see the chat being spammed with people opening them.
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