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  1. Another player has purchased the RF kit from the store. @Henk
  2. This kit is still available for purchase and Refined Storage is still eating drives upon restarts... Kit still needs to be removed and the mod disabled.
  3. The rules section clearly explains that players are not to have creative items unless part of a town with the member who created them. These rules are linked right at spawn. The decision to delete your base was not come to lightly, over an hour of deliberation went into it. However, ultimately, the quantity and type of creative items you possessed far exceeded "a few". You also had items of which you did not have the machines required to craft. It was obvious that these items played a large part in your progression, as such, everything was removed. Fortunately, our player base is one of the most helpful I've ever seen, I'm sure people will happily help you start over. Rollbacks are not my responsibility, so my answer is not final. I am however recommending denial of your request.
  4. Unfortunately, the monk mod doesn't have any commands coded into it that admins can use. It was designed for singleplayer. This issue happened before, it will work again. Just keep trying after server restarts.
  5. Bump Another player has bought the RS kit, and then the drives disappeared again. RS needs to be disabled.
  6. Equivalent replacement of kit issued.
  7. The kits page at http://craftersland.buycraft.net/category/1105833 has a Refined Storage kit on it. RS has been eating drives for a long time now, recommend converting to an AE2 equivalent.
  8. iCourt's proof of purchase is below. Working on an AE2 equivalent replacement.
  9. The mod itself only has one command written into its code, and that doesn't allow for a player (ie staff) to issue that command on behalf of another player. Our only move currently is to wait for the developer to add in the code for such an action. Additionally, level 10 appears to be nearly impossible now. So, we're at a bit of a standstill with the monk mod for the moment.
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