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  1. Since there's only 3 ways to generate cobblestone in the game - Igneous extruder(Thermal Expansion) (Which is the slowest and its not cheap as it required machine frame) - Stonework factory(Industrial Foregoing) (Which can generate 6 cobble per second when added tesla upgrades) - Upgrade Mining(Extra Utilities) (Which is quite fast but it required lots of GP, and GP in this game is harder than expected to generate) And you have to wait for a month 24/7 even though you're using 1k igneous at a time to get 64 octuple cobble, same case as the others. Which will cause a bit lag, and some guy will blame on you then removed 99 of the stonework factory and you just lost 99 machine frame, without refunding the frames. While we dont wanna lag the server, but at the same time octuple cobblestone is late game item we can never sell it in spawn. I suggested to make a new quest trading for it. For example 64 Heliumplasma for one octuple cobblestone. While making Heliumplasma wont lag us, and it still have its difficulty on making it. I would say its a decent soultion.
  2. Flux Network is sometime glitched that the flux plug wont receive energy from generators. Also, my flux network gets deleted today for no reason. It will be quite annoying if it keeps happening.
  3. 1 flux-infused bow(enchantment: insight 3, infinity 1, multishot 1) others I cant remember, but its fine
  4. yeah when I receive that item it deleted it again, plus one of my bow is gone
  5. Repair talisman is a thing which we need to craft for task, but once I made that thing server instantly deleted it and so do some of my inventory stuff.disappeared with
  6. Rollback is done, but need an item refund as its rolled back a bit too early. Item list: 4x chaotic core 2x broken spawner*enderman 2x broken spawner*wither skeleton 1x environmental controller 1x peaceful environmental module 32x upgrade speed(ultimate) 700x dimlet parcels 1x draconic sword (reaper V)(Looting III) 1x soul*cow (from draconic evolution) 4x dragon egg 4x dragon mill
  7. Name: watasiwaEdmondCoordiantes: x:-2211 y:200 z:-2296 to x:-2121 y:1 z:-2425Time: 31 August 2018 12:00AM GMT+8Description of Issue: This place is non-playable for some reasons. Someone used exploits or server make this place bugged while rendering here. Need a rollback real quick - https://imgur.com/a/cpYI6Cy (current base)
  8. It's done. Everything is functioning well, but it rolled back a bit earlier and would like to have some item refund. 1x powered spawner *Blaze 1x powered spawner *Blizz 1x powered spawner *Ghast 2*energy cell *resonate thanks
  9. Name: watasiwaEdmondCoordiantes: x:-2174 y:200 z:-2384 to x:-2086 y:1 z:-2313Time: 15 August 2018 4:00A.M. GMT+8Description of Issue: This place is non-playable for some reasons. Someone used exploits or server make this place bugged while rendering here. Need a rollback real quick :.(
  10. https://imgur.com/EyjKlvh (Current Inventory) Yeah I can login for now but my inventory is a bit, strange. I would like an item refund and here is the list: 1x Staff of power (silk touch enchanted)(Full Draconic Upgrade) 1x Draconic Bow (Infinity I, Power V Enchanted)(Full Draconic Upgrade) Whole set of Draconic Armor (Protection IV enchanted)(Full Draconic Upgrade) 5x Draconic Flux Capacitor(Full Draconic Upgrade)(And Chaotic Battery Capacitor Upgrade) 1x Supremium Pickaxe (Miner's Vision Charm)(Fortune III Enchanted) 1x Acceleration Wand 1x Swapping Wand 1x Illumination wand 1x Unbreakable Wand 1x Phase Field Generator 1x Ring of Aesir (There will be soulbound please do not just throw it in a chest)(Maybe I will tell someone for that) 1x Cloak of Sin 1x Cloak of invisibility 1x Mana Tablet (Full Mana) 1x Diamond Chisel(Chisel and bits) 1x iChisel 1x Diamond Backpack 62x Royal Chest 64x Screen (Extra Utilities 2) 1x Advanced Dislocator 400L Experience Thanks.
  11. Just rollback our inventory one hour earlier will be fine, thanks
  12. Your Name: watasiwaEdmond and atarashipori Coordinates: watasiwaEdmond's island Time/Date: 7/31/2018 GMT 14:00 Description of Issue: We both made a chisel armor piece included maybe more than 300 blocks? Then the server kicked us out :I
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