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  1. Ok, so i have just interrogated my brother to find hes been on my account while i've been on holiday, ive not played the game my self since the 24th of august as i have been away with my partners family. As proof seen above by Towilloughy there's nothing i can do apart from shout at my brother. so im prepared to wait till the un-ban date. Thanks for your help!
  2. Can i see the proof? I've no means to lie about breaking a rule. i believe im innocent until proven guilty. Id rather discuss this matter through messages, so if you would kindly like to message me we will resolve this there! Thanks, Kyle.
  3. [1] In-Game Username: IKYL3[2] Details of Situation: Ive literally tried to log on and im banned for "Exploiting a bug" Ive literally done nothing wrong... [3] Ban Category: "exploiting a bug" [4] Ban Duration: 2 days. [5] Staff Member: Doesn't say. [6] ScreenShots: https://gyazo.com/01fbe46a7bf75d1f02df731c3afabb2a [7] Your Reason: Ive done nothing wrong.
  4. Theres an error when trying to execute the /buy command.
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