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  1. Hello I am having to make a new tier 2 rocket ship because mine disappeared in front of my eyes help please.
  2. I changed it 3 days ago and I had Power armor helmet -force field -energy shield -air tight seal Chest plate power armor -force field -energy shield -parachute -jetpack Power armor legs -force field -energy shield -jump assist -sprint assist -up hill walking assist Power armor boots -force field -energy shield -shock absorber I also had a flux sword with sharp 4 or 5 cant remember a power hand with pickaxe and axe and shovel and diamond edge a back pack with some random crap and I had some apples That's all I can think of and I think I changed my name around midday sooo Idrk tbh but I hope you can help me... thanks I can give you the password if that will help
  3. No, I changed my name on the tekkit server from saxyperson to _saxy_ and I want my stuff back... I did not buy anything I had good stuff in my inventory and I would like to have ti back to my new account along with balance... Thanks again!
  4. Changed name from saxyperson to _saxy_ can i get all my stuff transferred... thanks
  5. I changed my name from 'saxyperson' to _saxy_ and lost all my stuff can you transfer please. Thank you -Saxy
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