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  1. I told him because a few days later I found them, to know if I could take them as a trophy, I am aware that I did not mention the trophy, the questions were to give them, and the keys someone left in the world in the shulkerbox that he saw, all that should count as a warning, not as ban. that's why I asked
  2. Nick user: XxKenpachixX Reason: Illegal item Complain: No revision was made and did not execute any acesinato to anyone and I did not know that they were illegal, as I found them a skulkerbox I thought they were bugeados, for that reason I conserve them and at the time they were illegal, repeatedly ask the staff if it was unfair killing someone who uses flypvp banned me without any warning or indication that dea dea Staff: MarceLoL
  3. Nick user: XxKenpachixX Razon: Item ilegal Queja: No se hiso previa revision y no ejecute ningun acesinato a nadie y no sabia que eran ilegales , como las encontre un una skulkerbox pense que estaban bugeados , por esa razon los conserve y en en momento pensado que eran ilegales preunte reiteradamente a el staff si era injusto matar a alguien con que usa flypvp me baneo sin ningun aviso ni indicacion que que dea los items Staff: MarceLoL www.craftersland.net/networkbans/info.php?type=ban&id=16001
  4. when the applications will open to staff on the server, if someone has information, tell me XxKenpachixX
  5. quisiera saber porque cerraron asssasains craft
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