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  1. I have spent more than the adequate amount of time it takes to find either a slime or a blizz in the swamp biome and snow biome respectively (even separate snow and swamp biomes), as well as others on the server have been difficulty finding them. I would like to see spawn eggs for both of these mobs in the spawn shop.
  2. Name: H00D1E_N1NJAItem Name + Amount: 1 fluxed sword, 1 fluxed pickaxe, 1 fluxed shovel, 1 fluxed axeCoordinates: around x:5096 y: below the bedrock z: 2960Description of Issue: When i logged back into the server i fell through the bedrock and lost all of my tools. My pickaxe had fortune 2, unbreaking 3, and efficiency 4Screenshots: attached
  3. Name: H00D1E_N1NJA Item Name + Amount: 3 Vote crate keys / $150 Coordinates: X: +5102 Y: 64 Z: 3020 Description of issue: I did not receive any keys or money for 3 of the links tonight, 2 of them worked (one of them is perma broken and i just can't ever vote on it). as well as i even saw all 5 of them show in the chat that i voted just 3 of them i never got items. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/3NjhP5c
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