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  1. Account Name: HeyItsSkayRank: Sponsor+Requested Commands^: /time set, /effect clear, /god, /bloodmoon [start/stop], and /give. (Permission Nodes for blood moon are bloodmoon.admin.start and bloodmoon.admin.stop)Reason for Request*: Essentially, all these commands are for convenience. Time setting is fairly self explanatory for why its convenient. Effect clearing so I can quickly clear any potion effects I have. God, again, self explanatory. Bloodmoon, mostly I would like to be able to stop it but being able to start would be a bonus. Give is so I can use JEI in survival mode.
  2. Odd, on my side it says completed. It should go through properly when it does though.
  3. In game name: HeyItsSkay Proof of Purchase: 8TN38999CT331435E Description of Issue: Purchased premium plus while offline and tried to connect right after purchase but auth expired Date/Time of Purchase:May 22, 2019 19:27:52 Items/Rank Bought: Premium + Screenshots: Attached
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