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  1. I’m building it on windows at the moment, but it’s written in Java. Before release I’m going to test on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. I’m also going to have it packed into an exe and possibly a macOS app. Edit: I also use Maven for building the jar executable. I use the maven central and jcenter repos for downloading libs for the launcher
  2. Update: Added dynamic launcher libraries. Reduces launcher file size from ~11MB to ~850KB. If you're unsure what I mean, here's a short explanation. The launcher downloads the libraries it uses instead of including them in the executable.
  3. New CraftersLand Launcher This is a new launcher for the CraftersLand servers and community. As of right now it is not official, yet. The launcher is currently a work in progress and will be available for public beta testing sometime in the near future. Features Currently planned features include: - [x] Minecraft Login - [x] Saving Minecraft Login Information - [x] CraftersLand News - [x] Fetching Modpacks List - [ ] Downloading Modpacks - [ ] Support for Optional Mods (BetterFPS, Optifine, Schematica, etc.) - [ ] Theme Editor - [ ] Launch Arguments - [ ] Memory Minimum & Maximum - [ ] Launching Minecraft - [ ] Auto-update Launcher - [ ] Auto-update Modpacks - [ ] Native Installing - [x] Dynamic Launcher Libraries - [ ] Automatic instance migration from old custom launcher Any other ideas? Reply to this post and I'll consider adding it to the launcher. If you have any ideas for the UI let me know as well. GitHub Link for bug reports here. Media
  4. Account Name: HeyItsSkayRank: Sponsor+Requested Commands^: /time set, /effect clear, /god, /bloodmoon [start/stop], and /give. (Permission Nodes for blood moon are bloodmoon.admin.start and bloodmoon.admin.stop)Reason for Request*: Essentially, all these commands are for convenience. Time setting is fairly self explanatory for why its convenient. Effect clearing so I can quickly clear any potion effects I have. God, again, self explanatory. Bloodmoon, mostly I would like to be able to stop it but being able to start would be a bonus. Give is so I can use JEI in survival mode.
  5. Odd, on my side it says completed. It should go through properly when it does though.
  6. In game name: HeyItsSkay Proof of Purchase: 8TN38999CT331435E Description of Issue: Purchased premium plus while offline and tried to connect right after purchase but auth expired Date/Time of Purchase:May 22, 2019 19:27:52 Items/Rank Bought: Premium + Screenshots: Attached
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