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  1. It seems that the HV IC2 Consumers may be the culprit. I went back to my "free" lava setup with RF Consumers and the Quarries are working perfectly again. Coordinates are 4933, 71, 2589 in the Mining World.
  2. It seems that my Quarry setup has stopped working in the Mining World a few moments ago. No energy seems to be stored in the Energy Bridges although the Quantum Solar is producing its maximum amount of EUs. A similar setup at my base in the Overworld is functioning correctly (Quantum and Ultimate Hybrids - MFSUs - HV IC2 Consumer - Energy Bridge - RF Producer). I also noticed that one of my Quarries stopped working near the end of its last run.
  3. Your Name: GoutboyItem Name + ID + Amount: Interdimensional Storage UnitCoordinates: x: 4895, y: 63, z: 2450Description of Issue: Disappeared right after wrenching it to move to another area at my base I'm not one to easily beg for a refund. I've lost 2x Quantum Solars, a Quarry setup, and more from the past, but this one is special because it took me three straight days to craft it. Endless numbers of lapotronic energy orbs! Not to mention the other expensive materials and long hours which went into making it. So please... May I get it refunded? Pretty please?
  4. I've replaced most of my lost items, except for the Quantum Solar which I purchased in the /market. I guess that it's just part of the game. You can ignore my shameful attempt at trying to replace my lost items for "free". The game must go on!
  5. Your Name: goutboyIsland Owner Name: Coordinates: 4903,63,2446Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): Before 8am CST on 5-2-2020Description of Issue: Server reset in the middle of play and items were lostScreenshots (Optional): I was in the End killing Endermen when the server reset. I fell at the end of the world when I logged back on after the server restarted. I lost the following items among many other things, but these were the most expensive ones: Nano Armor (helmet, leggings, and shoes), Advance Electric Jetpack, enchanted diamond sword (vorpal 2), Quarry, HV EU Consumer, Energy Bridge, MJ Producer, Quantum Solar (purchased in the /market), Ender chest, Black Hole Unit (filled with tons of cobblestones), Miner's Backpack, and other miscellaneous things which I can easily replace. I would appreciate any help you guys can give me. Thanks in advance.
  6. Is there a way to disable the land claim abilities of a golden shovel so that I may "click" it on an arcane infusion altar pedestal as part of the "breaking block control seal" for Golemancy?
  7. Sbadaboom, I started using Railcraft's Personal Chunk Loaders. They work. Look the recipe up. You just need to place ender pearls in them to keep them working (12 hours real time per ender pearl).
  8. Hey Imperatus, This had to be the same guy who was giving away stacks of creative items at spawn whom I reported to you. I forget his IGN now, but I surrendered stacks of items to you including quantum solars, complete gravisuit armor, etc... You mentioned something about some guy threatening to break the server's economy on Discord the day before it happened. It was tempting to keep those items, but I'd just play creative if that's how easy I wanted to play the game. I guess some of us decided to keep those items. Lol.
  9. Forgeddaboutit! Wasn't aware that Railcraft's personal chunk loader was available. :)
  10. Forgeddaboutit! Wasn't aware that Railcraft's personal chunk loader was available. :)
  11. This 4th quarry looks like a combination of 3x quarries and it's been a PITA (Pain In the Arse) trying to empty, but thanks to my brother in arms, BrosephStalinn, we conquered it this morning. The server is lag-free and endless restarts have ceased to be! BrosephStalinn and I would appreciate statues of ourselves made from Titanium or Emerald placed in Spawn to commemorate our heroic efforts. You're welcome Craftersland people!
  12. The server has been lagging like crazy all night tonight. I, personally, had to empty 3x quarries filled with water. BrosephStallin and I are emptying a fourth one as I'm writing this post. Players need to be banned for doing this. It affects the rest of us.
  13. Does this fix only apply to existing donors? How about those of us who aren't donors? Do we also get a reset of our allotted 4x chunk loaders which we lost after the server's update to 1.9.0?
  14. All of the players on the Ultimate Reloaded server are having problems with their chunk loaders (iron block with blaze rod) not giving them the 4x default chunk loaders. Some are quitting because of it. Please help us resolve this problem. Thanks.
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