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  1. I will ask to have your inventory rolled back.
  2. May i have the name and amount of what you would like refunded.
  3. This should be moved to Omni. I will complete this.
  4. I have refunded these items.
  5. I reset my quest progress by leaving my team. i do not need anything else. Thanks!
  6. I have completed your refund.
  7. Your Name: tigin88 Island Owner Name: tigin88 Coordiantes: 1803 -8971 Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine WITH A TIMEZONE): not sure Description of Issue: i logged in after a long while and my island is deleted yet my quest book is somewhat completed. i am wondering if it is possible to rollback my island or reset my questbook and inventory. Screenshots (Optional):
  8. I have refunded you 1x Wings of Bat and 1x Vision Helmet. they are in your inventory.
  9. I thought I would update managed to make it to the moon and space dimension However my space station is gone. It is now just void. It's coordinates were -5634 y115 z-5628
  10. I was earlier unable to access the nether. I broke and replaced the nether portal and it gave me a message that mobs are now harder and I can access the nether. I am now having the same issue with space and my space station. I believe somehow my game stages got reset. I do not know what item/quest originally unlocked access but really need help being able to get back to space. Thanks
  11. my apologies, I have added a time zone to my original post.
  12. I just read by a previous poster that this is common with this mod. . I will have to discontinue use with refined storage. I would still love a rollback and hope for a response.
  13. Your Name: tigin88Island Owner Name: tigin88Coordiantes: 1818,92,-8968Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 10/13/2019 1200 pm MSTDescription of Issue: someone stole my refined storage disks and rotated my crafting gridScreenshots (Optional):
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