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  1. I lost 9 chunkloaders ive had to replace at 250 in game cash per, today has cost me 2250 just on chunkloaders .it's costing me more than the money i make voting in 2 days. i cant see it getting better ALL BY ITSELF!!! Plainly there is a massive issue with the server . Today it went to 0.29 Tps with 6 people on after restarting ... it restarted . i only noticed all my chunkloaders were gone yet again today cos i went to plant a seed
  2. damn Guna this sux severely no wonder you haven't been on hope ya not gonna quit bud
  3. also upon investigation in land claimed area my old house someone has helped themselves to a loot collector 1 Vaccumchest 1 mob grinder draconium which i bought from you guys 1 4MRF powercell how can my stuff be stolen from my land claimed area??? ive claimed a damn big property south side of river and it's still claimed my house in middle of it has been looted of any good shit HOW?? can ya do a search on draconium mob grinders and see who done it ?? there was 1 ... i also had a chunkloader at location it is gone too ...
  4. Hi I went to move my crafting unit which had 6, 64k crafting units 2,co processing units the rest is still where it is cos i dont want anymore to go missing ... so far 4 ,64k crafting units have vanished .have plenty if screenie's but can only upload 247kb still ...... id like those4 64k crafting units back please ... no autocrafting for me for awhile now
  5. ive had 3 despawn from my place, 2 were initially there but on checking my reactor loader which i found was missing i went back to look at others and they had gone as well . my problem started about an hour ago on the moon mining and ender pouch stopped pulling material into ME.
  6. hi, i just won a Ring of thor it went in my inventory i put it on my char noticed i had a lot more armor so took bauble off to see if that was why, went to drop into inventory and it just vanished , kinda getting frustrated with all this shit just vanishing. like that stupid as fluxbore if it was in second inventory perfectly fine but server crashed when i had it in main inventory so fluxboire went bye bye , why does stuff keep disappearing from my accounts inventory. it's be ok if it was sand or gravel or something else ridiculously cheap but no always the good shit ALWAYS...
  7. -thanks for the fluxbore and some creative stuff i probably wont use, as i use ME system things still missing 1key of kings that i won of that dice .... i even linked it in game so just ask the regulars ... 1 duranite cobalt steel pick axe . set of diamond armor with enchants . 47 vector plates green 2 death pads red 1 wireless controller for ME security terminal as im using 1 out of a set i won making that set useless to sell as is. Thank you for the fluxbore as it will be letting me get back to actually doing stuff to progress
  8. yeh like i need a week without mining cos all me shit got lost only last sunday and still got nothing cos im not building a new fucking pick axe every time this shit happens,what up to my 3rd!!!! aint built an axe yet either cos that is BLOCKING A SLOT IN MY INVENTORY as it there but invisible ..;... and not to mention all the other shit ive listed above NOTHING has turned up ,btw today is payday watch my cash roll in ....... i expect none of this to be fixed anytime soon at current rate of knots ...
  9. umm i can only remember the main stuff like pick axe, ring of odin,key of kings , diamond sword clean slicer,fluxbore creative,47 or 57 green vector plates and 2 death pads, pick axe is duranite cobalt and i think maybe steel ,i had on diamond armor with enchants there is no named gears,then there was cobalt, ardite,glowstone and teribium, the crap in screenie id died when that stuff blew up,cannot remember numbers but had been there for awhile .and other that went missing are wireless controller for ME sec terminal. my lumite manyullyn cobalt axe. i had on another bauble but cannot remember it's name unfortunately.
  10. i found out what ya did do you godamn deleted all the shit in my inventory i had on me before i went to bed i had made 37 blank slate and nothing i had on me last nite notta thing ....... cheers ...
  11. oh also my handheld for wireless (sec terminal) vanished of face of planet , i have stuck spots in my inventory where i think they are hidden ,i gotta alumite and cobalt many axe that vanished and that is other phantom slot ii have in inventory and i been through my entire ME terminal i have nothing of these items i have 1 complete(me sec terminal) set i got from crates in a shulker box and not a single thing else i cant mine without my newly made pick .... im gonna lose all the exp i made on pick yet again , also why am i restricted to 247kb even if i make a new post ,i cannnot make the other screenie fit no matter what ... i gotta start mining today again , ive not dome anything waiting for my stuff built some machines is all
  12. I have absolutely nothinng i had with me when i was mining my inventory has no Ring of odin key of kings no fluxbore no duranite xcobalt and cant remember what handle was .. there is none of my mob farm vector plates i had on me i have got 0 back from that grave .... im gonna make a new post to post the death screenie with my lower inv and no key taken moments after i went /back then reralised i had no key as what i typed in game is on screen \
  13. Your Name: Mythical01Item Name + ID + Amount: UHH everything on me when i died Coordinates: 411 66 51 (nether) Description of Issue: I died got no key to recover my grave took another screenie of the death on chat time stamp but it's a 1.3mb screenieScreenshots (Optional):
  14. Your Name: Mythical01Item Name + Amount: 1 fluxbore creative won from market by me, also my manyulyn lumite pick axe as well pleaseCoordinates: (fluxbore) 1848 686 63 Description of Issue:i jumped from a boat i had just taken all the wool of off, it's easier to shear boats ? as i went into flight in pushed w+q accidentally and threw fluxbore into water followed immediately by me with Lshift,, there is also piece of gravel on the beach i placed marking where i lost the device to a bubble underwater ,it just vanished into the bubble when it formed i was 4 blocks away from it and a full 2 seconds from when i dropped it , to it vanishing , i have a ring of odin so liquids dont affect me hot or cold breathing or not i stayed there for 2 hours looking for it ... the lumite axe stemmed from same accidentally pushing q instead of w ive since changed it to home key, the lumite axe was dropped into the void at i dunno in the End and only reason i miss it is the expert grading on it , im not that worried about the pickaxe however and would just like the fluxbore back (note) i allready talked to Bruny about this he said he would replace but has not done anything yet , i dont want 2 just in case it gets confused Screenshots (Optional): no screenies
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