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  1. Hi Guys/Girls, Would you like to restart the server? Decide in the poll Yours truly, Rauf
  2. Hi, My name is D'artagnan Ar'rauf Matin i have been playing on crafters land's rl craft server for a month now. First of all, I feel that donor perks should in no way give any advantage over other players that decide not to donate. Any perks given to donors should be entirely aesthetic such as transforming into mobs like cows or sheeps. This is just an opinion, however, /creative and /fly must be removed it is totally unnecessary. I keep abusing the fly command as i'm lazy and it takes away from my game play making it less legit. The reason for this thread is that I want a server wipe, everyone starts from scratch, new world, new seed. The vote crates can be kept, Donor titles as well but yeah new scratch. PVP Removed entirely except in a pvp arena. It's weird and confusing that pvp damage is enabled in spawn. Since there have been many issues regarding loss of items due to lag and bugs, Keep inventory could be included in the overworld but not in the Nether and Lost city World. If the admin agree to the server wipe, a poll could be started and if majority of the players agree to the reset, the server wipe will commence. Yours Sincerely, D'artagnan
  3. I agree, this raiding world is good for newer players.
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