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  1. Your Name: Thatcrazyflyguy Item Name + ID + Amount: 4 stacks of battle burrito #5531, 22 Transforming Love-Arrow(AOE) #5335, Half-Hearted Ender Queen's Crown (half hearted bauble line) #5351, 21 magma cream #0378, Stack of Arrow #0262, 15 bone #0352, 24 Heart Crystal Shard #4746, 12 Cooked Cephignis Meat #5530, 3 Book #0340, 9 blaze powder #0377, 4 Vote Crate Key #0131, Legendary Crate Key #0131, 100 coal #0263, 18 Blaze Rod #0369, 41 Cooked Fish Fillet #4109/4, 13 Raw Chupacabra Meat #5643, Flint and Steel #0259, 44 cactus Green #0351/2, 26 Clock #0347, Water Bucket #0326, Level 3 Spriggan Root #5657, Level 3 Ventoraptor Skull #5597, Level 3 Vapula Crystal #5708 Flamed Dragonbone Halberd Legendary Quality, Unbreaking III, Mending, Supreme Sharpness V, Vampirism II, Upgraded Potentials, Atomic Deconstructor II, True Strike, Education III, Lifesteal IV, #5131, Daimond Pickaxe Legendary Quality, Unbreaking III, Fortune III, Advanced Efficiency III, #0278 Diamond Axe Graceful Quality, Advanced Efficiency IV, #0279 Coordinates: 2725, 67, -2266 Description of Issue: coacola was using /invsee on me and sorted my items while they had there /gmc active. Tagging all my items in my inventory as creative. Screenshots (Optional):
  2. Your Name: Thatcrazyflyguy Item Name + ID + Amount: Gray Dragon Boots #4582 They were Masterful grader, with Mending, Protection IV, Lightweight II, and Unbreaking III Coordinates: Description of Issue: Had some sorta connection issue with the server or something I think others were kicked out as well for a moment. When I logged back in the game didn't register my levels and threw all my armor on the ground. I had to drop items to pick them up unfortunatly item clear kicked in before I could get my boots. I would like to request a replacement. Please and thank you!
  3. Your Name: Thatcrazyflyguy Item Name + ID + Amount: daimond sword #0276 with enchants looting x, sharpness V, and mending Coordinates: x 2728, z -2261 Description of Issue: Was battling a battletower golem and right after it pulled my sword from me it disappeared. Beleive lag got it as golem did not drop sword upon death. Replace please and thank you!
  4. Your Name: Thatcrazyflyguy Item Name + ID + Amount: Diamond sword # 0276 with looting x and sharpness V enchants its forged stat was sweeping, iron chestplate #307 forged stat masterful, iron legs #0308 forged stat masterful, iron boots #0309 forged stat masterful, Coordinates: Was an rpt no longer have coords. Description of Issue: Was trying to find some mobs that don't spawn in my area. Was killed when I walked by a wisp that decided to throw its light orb as i went by. Insta killed me. I used /back and got some items back but other items within a few seconds despawned. Screenshots (Optional):
  5. Your Name: Thatcrazyflyguy Item Name + ID + Amount: name tag + #0421 + 2 Coordinates: x 2737, z -2263, and slightly underground Description of Issue: A bloodmoon started and some of my farm animals went poof. I thought nametagged mobs would stick around from what I heard other players talking about. Seems its not quite the case. I'm not worried bout the animals as they are the easy to get vanilla ones. I would like the nametags refunded tho please and thank you.
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