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  1. can you help me please? my friend PCP_Prod picked up an item that crashes his minecraft , so he need an inventory clean , can you do this please ? he could do it by him self because he is premium + , but as soon he try to join the server the game will crash... i write the request because he dont know good english , because we are german xD thx for the help
  2. hey i i put a wrong enchant on my sword by exident and now i can't use it anymore , can you please remove the marked enchant ?
  3. hey , there is one little claim (one crafting station one chest) that blocks our claim from rizing , and i dont see the player that owns the claim anyway , so my question is can an admin remove it ?
  4. Hey, i would like to ask if its possible to Change the restart times to like 3 hours or so, because ot does restart very ofter, but it doesnt lag at all... Sry for my bad english, im german :/
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